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Embrace Proactive Engagement

The Proactive Outreach Portfolio isn't just about tools - it's about enabling you to embrace the future with confidence that every customer connection is an opportunity, and every engagement a step toward building loyalty. Deployed in our multi-tenant SaaS environment - Alvaria Cloud ™M - is available in three packages sized to fit the needs of your organization.

Scheduling, forecasting and adherence
Recording, Evaluations, Calibration, and Feedback
Organizational Performance Management
Mobile Access
Access to Data
Coaching & Learning
Gamification and Motivation
Automated Agent Assistant (VEA)
Automated Productivity Tools (Automate)
Enhanced Data Access
Price per seat
Base Plus

Pricing and packages

The proven Contact Center solution you can trust.

Alvaria Contact Center offerings support broad sets of native functions, including multichannel self service and inbound and outbound multichannel routing and dialer capabilities, WFO, and multisession contact handling across voice, email, chat, SMS, IM and social channels.

Compliantly manage multichannel interactions

Outbound List Management
Multi-Channel Outbound Route & Queue Type
(Voice, Email, SMS, and Chat)
Self-Service IVR
Screen & Voice Recording
Centralized Compliance Controls
Compliant Campaign Management (Includes CFPB)
Automated Productivity Tools

Empower your agents and your customers will notice

Scheduling, Forecasting and Adherence
Recording, Evaluations, Calibration, and Feedback(Playback May Required Integration Development)
Organizational Performance Management
Mobile Access
Access to Data
Gamification & Motivation
Automated Productivity Tools

Contact Center Infrastructure Portfolio

Robust portfolio of enterprise contact center functionality and deployment modalities to support very large, highly regulated environments

Deployment Modalities:

  • On-premises
  • Single Tenant / Private Cloud
  • Hybrid
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Core Telephony Infrastructure

IVR & Voice Self-Service
Outbound Dialing
Voice Routing & Distribution
Digital Channel Routing

Multi Channel Contact Management and Routing

Computer Telephony Integration
Web/Live Chat, Email & SM
Workflow Routing & Management
Digital Channel Routing

Workforce Optimization

Workforce Management Scheduling, Forecasting, Adherence
Recording, Quality Management, PCSA
Workflow Routing & Management

Knowledge, Analytics, and Automation

Desktop Analytics
Robotic Process Automation

Better engagement, productivity, and so
much more

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