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Proactive Outreach

Happier customers through prioritized communications

Your customers will feel important with easy-to-manage outbound outreach and relevant customer insights.

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Real Outcomes

"Once we started using the Alvaria predictive dialer, it helped improve agent productivity more than 50%."


Bottom line, JMT saw an 11% cost reduction per agent with the Alvaria predictive dialing solution replacing manual dialing.

"This provides us a standard set of metrics to compare our more than 30 chatbots disregarding its type of function. Other metrics we keep track of but use to deepen our understanding of our customer’s journey are Time to Goal Completion, Time to Verification, and Total Interaction Time."

BAC Credomatic

Customers were eager to take advantage of the self-service options, and now 30% of interactions are completed outside service hours, and digital collections have increased by 12%.

"We’re doing work around the patient experience that has never been done before. Alvaria partnered with us to deploy the right strategy and the right technology for our organization."

Valley Medical Center

Optimize call handling, reduce table time loss and update Epic dynamically.

Get connected and stay connected

Give customer loyalty a boost from day one with smarter outreach. Our analytics survey how and when to reach out to your customers so you can make the most of each interaction.

Remind customers to keep you top of mind

More meaningful outreach means more customer connections. Make continued outreach easy and impactful by automating reminders and key notifications.

Save time with a centralized approach

Leave the long hours behind with a centralized approach to outbound. Across every contact platform your calls are tracked to predict how to best get in touch, updating lists and strategies along the way.


Case Study

BC Services Case Study

BC Services Case Study
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Accelerate Effectiveness With Sales Gamification

Accelerate Effectiveness With Sales Gamification


Does your outbound contact center software support customer requested scheduled callbacks? 

Yes, the proactive outreach system can offer scheduled callbacks through self-service dialogues across voice and SMS channels. Agents are presented callbacks to dial, and can also schedule callbacks themselves.

How do you identify the best time to call with the Alvaria outbound contact center software?

Alvaria's best time to call capabilities help initiate phone calls to customers and prospects at the times and places they are most likely to be reached. Call result history is tracked over time to predict the best phone number and hour of day to place calls and then creates an optimized calling strategy based on campaign objectives and prioritized by user-defined criteria. Additionally, with Alvaria's single interface, agents can make regulatory changes once across multiple systems as well as share lists across multiple systems to identify and deliver usable records.

I need to have certain accounts worked by specific agents for both business strategy and regulatory reasons, does your outbound contact center solution support this?

Yes, Alvaria supports account ownership and intelligent contact routing using shared work types which increase efficiency and control. Additionally, for work types with multiple agents, the system will only send account owned records when the owner agent is available.

How does proactive outreach impact the agent employee experience?

When done right, proactive outreach motivates and inspires teams so they can deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

What is proactive outreach?

Proactive outreach is a strategy designed to help organizations reach customers before they reach out to the organization, improving the customer experience.

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