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Scheduling and forecasting

What is the scheduling functionality in Alvaria Cloud?

Our WEM software provides a number of contact center scheduling options, each of which can be used separately, or in conjunction with one another.  

1. Preference-Based Scheduling: When running Preference-Based Scheduler, Workforce Management will optimize and generate schedules based on the contact center's staffing requirements and agents' preferences.

2. Agentless or Template-Based Scheduling: Once templates have been defined, empty schedules are generated based on optimal staffing requirements and user-defined coverage rules. Agents are then automatically assigned to schedules based on agent or supervisor preferences. Template-based scheduling can also create overtime schedules and to map out ideal staffing plans during recruitment and shift reviews.

3. Rosters: The Roster Manager is designed to assist clients with a rigid rotation of schedules over a period of several weeks. The roster feature can seamlessly schedule agents for weeks and even months ahead. This approach to scheduling is the least flexible and frequently the least optimal, but in environments where rotating shift plans are agreed well in advance, the approach may be the only realistic option.

How do you schedule multiple sites without having to make additional changes? 

The workforce modules in Alvaria's WEM base package can forecast, schedule, and track (IDP) for multiple sites without the need for additional changes. Agents can be assigned to specific sites or used in other sites. The base package also includes a module which offers advanced networking and staff scheduling capabilities to provide a global perspective for centers that share contacts across multiple sites.

Is there an option for agents to trade and/or bid out their schedule?  

Our flexible shift bid feature enables companies to offer 'build your own schedule ' capabilities to gig economy contact center staff while ensuring the resulting schedules will meet business rules set by the contact center forecasting software.

Are you able to bulk upload schedules?

Yes, there is a standard segment import feature that is used for uploading schedules in bulk for contact center scheduling.

Compliant Outbound

What is the cost of non-compliant outreach?

The cost of non-compliance in outbound communications can vary widely depending on factors such as the industry, region, nature of the violation, regulatory framework, and the number of affected customers. An outbound contact center in non-compliance can lead to fines, legal actions, reputational damage, and loss of customer trust. These costs can potentially run into millions or even billions of dollars for large-scale violations. Alvaria helps keep companies compliant.

Can your outreach solution coordinate compliant outreach across multiple business groups and systems?

Yes, the compliance hub features within the Alvaria Proactive Outreach Base Package centralize all attempts to contact and will prioritize and force compliance based on the unique customer rules.

How does your solution manage and document customer consent for outbound communications?

Alvaria proactive outreach allows agents to flag records for consent. This can be done using a single field or multiple fields depending on the complexity needed.

What sort of compliance tracking is available for email outreach?

Alvaria customers can restrict email attempts based on configured email time zone settings. Additionally, managers can set list, postal and time zone parameters to provide the same great proactive customer connections across channels.

Can you provide documentation that demonstrates your solution's compliance with PCI regulations?

Yes, we are PCI DSS v3.2.1 certified and happy to share our attestation letter once you are engaged with our team.

Fully Integrated-Inbound

What CCaaS providers do you have native integrations with?

Alvaria complements the Google Cloud Contact Center AI Platform by providing solutions that drive agent success, keep them engaged, and make them feel like an extension of the brand.

Additionally, Alvaria and Avaya announced an alliance designed to help the world’s largest brands transition from reactive to proactive customer experiences in the cloud. Alvaria will integrate its Alvaria Cloud solutions for outbound interactions, regulatory and compliance management, and convenient time to call capabilities with Avaya's Elite contact center and its Enterprise Cloud solutions. This integration will provide Avaya's customers with advanced outbound capabilities to create proactive, compliant campaigns and increase customer acquisition, collections, growth, and drive customer loyalty and retention.

Why would a CCaaS customer need Alvaria Proactive Outreach?

Enterprises including financial services, airlines, retail, telecom and technology organizations are seeking platforms to power secure, customer interactions at scale. Alvaria outbound capabilities streamline agent workflows with easy-to-use, compliant campaign management tools.

Why is Alvaria not included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS?

Alvaria has chosen to opt-out of the CCaaS MQ because Gartner’s definition of CCaaS does not align to Enterprise Cloud Contact Centers. Gartner describes CCaaS as all-in-one, all-at-once and inbound focused. That is not a fit for Alvaria Enterprise customers or large contact centers.

I don’t see our CCaaS provider listed here, what are my options?

Alvaria is paving a new path in customer experience with an open interface for any enterprise integration needed. We have a list of available API connectors, a roadmap for future connectors and a world-class professional services team that can develop any integration needed.

We have a CCaaS solution today, why would we need Alvaria WEM?

Inbound contact centers often times have large pools of agents across many time zones, an enterprise grade WEM solution provides agents with flexible scheduling options, gamification, performance tracking and automated workflows – increasing agent engagement and reducing attrition.

Intelligence & Assistance

What is robotic process automation (RPA)?

In a contact center context, RPA can take care of tasks such as data entry, order processing, updating customer records, and even handling certain customer interactions. This allows agents to focus on more valuable activities such as providing personalized customer support, solving complex issues, and improving customer satisfaction.

RPA is flexible and can be customized to match your specific contact center processes. It works alongside your current software solutions, integrating seamlessly without the need for extensive changes to your IT infrastructure. The result is increased efficiency, reduced errors, faster response times, and ultimately a better experience for both your customers and agents.

It's important to note that while RPA is incredibly powerful and is best suited for tasks that follow clear rules and processes. For tasks that require human judgment, empathy, and creativity, your skilled agents will still play a crucial role.

Are there ways to automate training when contact center performance metrics are not met? 

Yes, when rules based coaching assignments are setup in the system, users can either have them initially approved by the supervisor before going to the agent or have them automatically delivered to the agent.

What are the benefits of contact center automation? 

Contact center automation can increase productivity, accuracy and timeliness, allowing bots to perform repetitive but necessary jobs. More than 90% of organizations say they’ve experienced improvements in quality and accuracy after implementing automation.

What are the risks of not using contact center automation?

Automation helps reduce human error, which the World Economic Forum estimates causes 95% of cybersecurity breaches. Repetitive operational activities and error-prone tasks can be automated to improve accuracy, efficiency and consistency, allowing the agent to focus on more complex tasks, which the Alvaria 2022 Consumer Index found 80% of consumers demand human interaction for.

Can you provide an example of something we could automate for our agents?

A great example of contact center automation is optimizing the way an agents' work gets done with virtual desktop assistants to offload tasks for simple, secure and accurate automation, without sacrificing performance.

Is there a customer contact center automation you can highlight?  

A healthcare service provider reduced average handle time in their call center by 16% for seasoned employees and by 25% for new employees by decreasing manual labor, ultimately reducing cost to the organization. For one global bank RPA significantly reduced the time it took to open accounts, improving the overall customer experience.

Metrics & Insights

Does your platform offer contact center insights on voice analytics for call quality monitoring and coaching purposes? 

Yes, Alvaria speech analytics collects analytics to better inform your business. Simply put, we get the right information to the supervisors and analysts who can use it to affect change to the contact center performance metrics and customer experience.

Are there ways to automate training when contact center performance metrics are not met? 

Yes, when rules based coaching assignments are setup in the system, users can either have them initially approved by the supervisor before going to the agent or have them automatically delivered to the agent.

What data is available to customers in the Alvaria WEM base package?

Alvaria's WEM base package and its ability to integrate call center systems with other applications, provides workforce data such as customer information and historical data from other departments. It also helps analyze trends and patterns to help identify areas for improvement, all which help provide better customer service.

Workforce data can also be used to develop automation tools that streamline call center processes. For example, machine learning algorithms can analyze historical data to predict which agents are best suited to handle certain types of calls, and then automatically route those calls to those agents. It can also help develop custom applications and tools to improve operations. For example, developers may build dashboards that provide real-time insights into call center performance or scheduling tools that help call center managers optimize agent schedules based on historical data.

Can Alvaria's system integrate all channels, including SMS, chat, email, voice and social, into the analytics engine?

Yes, our analytics platform can integrate different channels allowing for customer journey analysis. Metadata can be associated with each interaction which can then be used to group customer types together for analysis as interactions happen or through post-interaction updates.

Proactive Outreach

Does your outbound contact center software support customer requested scheduled callbacks? 

Yes, the proactive outreach system can offer scheduled callbacks through self-service dialogues across voice and SMS channels. Agents are presented callbacks to dial, and can also schedule callbacks themselves.

How do you identify the best time to call with the Alvaria outbound contact center software?

Alvaria's best time to call capabilities help initiate phone calls to customers and prospects at the times and places they are most likely to be reached. Call result history is tracked over time to predict the best phone number and hour of day to place calls and then creates an optimized calling strategy based on campaign objectives and prioritized by user-defined criteria. Additionally, with Alvaria's single interface, agents can make regulatory changes once across multiple systems as well as share lists across multiple systems to identify and deliver usable records.

I need to have certain accounts worked by specific agents for both business strategy and regulatory reasons, does your outbound contact center solution support this?

Yes, Alvaria supports account ownership and intelligent contact routing using shared work types which increase efficiency and control. Additionally, for work types with multiple agents, the system will only send account owned records when the owner agent is available.

How does proactive outreach impact the agent employee experience?

When done right, proactive outreach motivates and inspires teams so they can deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

What is proactive outreach?

Proactive outreach is a strategy designed to help organizations reach customers before they reach out to the organization, improving the customer experience.

Workforce Optimization

What specific productivity metrics does your workforce engagement software track and analyze?

Our software tracks and analyzes all data for all people at all times providing insights into contact center engagement. Performance benchmarks are part of this data collection that occurs in real-time and is always on.

What is the business justification for gamification tools in workforce engagement software? 

Gamification's efficacy is scientifically proven. Game mechanics and game play stimulate the release of four neurotransmitters – dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin. Each one, alone, has a positive effect on employee performance. When they are all firing at the same time, they reinforce positive behavior and regulate one’s ability to learn. They also create a sense of autonomy and competence, and induce feelings of belonging and connection.

Does your software support users outside the traditional contact center agent and supervisor?

The workforce engagement software’s core forecasting, scheduling and tracking capabilities allow organizations to accurately project future staffing requirements, create efficient single and multi-skill staffing plans, evaluate schedule efficiency, monitor staff performance and adjust resources to meet changing demand in real-time. Using this module, along with powerful work assignment features, workforce analysts can get the most from their total workforce.

What feature do Alvaria customers say they can't live without?

Customers love the 'What If' analysis in Alvaria's WEM. This feature makes it easy for planners to test multiple demand and staffing models and plan for unexpected events such as staff absences, the effect of holidays or weather or other seasonal factors. Customers can create multiple scenarios leveraging historical demand and staff patterns with the ability to adjust and include custom data. It provides confidence that staffing adjustments will have the right business impact.