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Supercharge your operations performance

Prioritize productivity and agent success with contact center AI tools that streamline operations, provide insights, and enhance execution.

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Real Outcomes

"The result is better agent engagement, higher morale and lower turnover."


With mobile, the company saw an increased satisfaction, lower absenteeism, increased OT and VTO fill rates, reduced admin workload, and the ability to quickly communicate to employees during emergencies.

"Alvaria Workforce and Alvaria Performance, working in tandem, have helped us become more accurate and efficient, providing a better experience for our employees and improving their overall adherence."

Car Company

Evolve from a more reactive coaching methodology to a proactive one by seeing important KPIs across the team.

"I know that any time I call my support staff at Alvaria, and they know my environment. They know how many servers I have, they know how many skills I have, and they know exactly what they can do to help."

DISH Network

Schedule adherence improve to 90 percent, saving millions and increasing job satisfaction overall.

Give your outreach a boost

Maximize your outreach by putting the power in the hands of your agents. Intelligent assistance retrieves customer information and gives guidance, sentiment analysis, and translation all while customers are on the line.

Stay in the operational know

Make data-informed operational decisions with help from performance and predictive analytics. Track KPIs, areas for improvement, and feedback without having to lift a finger.

Save your team time

Take some hours back for you and your agents with automation. From routine tasks like password resets and scheduling, to automatic ticket tagging and routing, you’ll be getting more done in less time.


Case Study

BPO Collections Case Study

BPO Collections Case Study
blog post

Accelerate Effectiveness With Sales Gamification

Accelerate Effectiveness With Sales Gamification


What is robotic process automation (RPA)?

In a contact center context, RPA can take care of tasks such as data entry, order processing, updating customer records, and even handling certain customer interactions. This allows agents to focus on more valuable activities such as providing personalized customer support, solving complex issues, and improving customer satisfaction.

RPA is flexible and can be customized to match your specific contact center processes. It works alongside your current software solutions, integrating seamlessly without the need for extensive changes to your IT infrastructure. The result is increased efficiency, reduced errors, faster response times, and ultimately a better experience for both your customers and agents.

It's important to note that while RPA is incredibly powerful and is best suited for tasks that follow clear rules and processes. For tasks that require human judgment, empathy, and creativity, your skilled agents will still play a crucial role.

Are there ways to automate training when contact center performance metrics are not met? 

Yes, when rules based coaching assignments are setup in the system, users can either have them initially approved by the supervisor before going to the agent or have them automatically delivered to the agent.

What are the benefits of contact center automation? 

Contact center automation can increase productivity, accuracy and timeliness, allowing bots to perform repetitive but necessary jobs. More than 90% of organizations say they’ve experienced improvements in quality and accuracy after implementing automation.

What are the risks of not using contact center automation?

Automation helps reduce human error, which the World Economic Forum estimates causes 95% of cybersecurity breaches. Repetitive operational activities and error-prone tasks can be automated to improve accuracy, efficiency and consistency, allowing the agent to focus on more complex tasks, which the Alvaria 2022 Consumer Index found 80% of consumers demand human interaction for.

Can you provide an example of something we could automate for our agents?

A great example of contact center automation is optimizing the way an agents' work gets done with virtual desktop assistants to offload tasks for simple, secure and accurate automation, without sacrificing performance.

Is there a customer contact center automation you can highlight?  

A healthcare service provider reduced average handle time in their call center by 16% for seasoned employees and by 25% for new employees by decreasing manual labor, ultimately reducing cost to the organization. For one global bank RPA significantly reduced the time it took to open accounts, improving the overall customer experience.

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