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Contact center metrics & Insights

Understand the wants of your customer and the needs of your operation

Optimize your operation with key metrics and insights that pull the curtain back on performance.

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Reach new heights in workflow efficiency

Help your team achieve their goals and yours with training, growth and development opportunities, and rewards programs that keep them wanting more.

Walk a mile in your customers’ shoes

Build loyalty and make great impressions with interaction and desktop analytics—empowering your team to forecast, understand, and accommodate the real needs of your customers.

Refine operations while upping ROI

Make the most of your time and investment with performance metrics and customer insights, saving your operation hundreds of hours and millions of dollars.


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Does your platform offer contact center insights on voice analytics for call quality monitoring and coaching purposes? 

Yes, Alvaria speech analytics collects analytics to better inform your business. Simply put, we get the right information to the supervisors and analysts who can use it to affect change to the contact center performance metrics and customer experience.

Are there ways to automate training when contact center performance metrics are not met? 

Yes, when rules based coaching assignments are setup in the system, users can either have them initially approved by the supervisor before going to the agent or have them automatically delivered to the agent.

What data is available to customers in the Alvaria WEM base package?

Alvaria's WEM base package and its ability to integrate call center systems with other applications, provides workforce data such as customer information and historical data from other departments. It also helps analyze trends and patterns to help identify areas for improvement, all which help provide better customer service.

Workforce data can also be used to develop automation tools that streamline call center processes. For example, machine learning algorithms can analyze historical data to predict which agents are best suited to handle certain types of calls, and then automatically route those calls to those agents. It can also help develop custom applications and tools to improve operations. For example, developers may build dashboards that provide real-time insights into call center performance or scheduling tools that help call center managers optimize agent schedules based on historical data.

Can Alvaria's system integrate all channels, including SMS, chat, email, voice and social, into the analytics engine?

Yes, our analytics platform can integrate different channels allowing for customer journey analysis. Metadata can be associated with each interaction which can then be used to group customer types together for analysis as interactions happen or through post-interaction updates.

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