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Introducing Alvaria Horizons: Our Innovation Lab

Make an impression
that lasts

We empower your team to fix big and small problems, meet customers where they’re at, and make long lasting impressions.

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Echte Ergebnisse

"Die Automatic Call Distribution- und Interactive Voice Response-Lösung der Stadt mussten aktualisiert werden, und die Möglichkeit, auf einer Kommunikationsplattform zu standardisieren, ermöglichte einen optimierten Support und geringere Wartungskosten."

City of Mesa, Arizona

Die Lösung führte zu einer Senkung der Kosten um 40% und zu einem einzigen Ansprechpartner für den Support.

"Nachdem wir den Alvaria Predictive Dialer eingesetzt hatten, trug er dazu bei, die Produktivität der Mitarbeiter um mehr als 50% zu steigern."


Unter dem Strich verzeichnete JMT eine Senkung der Kosten pro Mitarbeiter um 11%, da die Predictive Dialing-Lösung von Alvaria das manuelle Wählen ersetzte.

"Alvaria ist seit langem ein vertrauenswürdiger und innovativer Lösungsanbieter, und was wir von ihnen vor Ort erwarten, gilt auch für ihr Cloud-Angebot — mit allen zusätzlichen Vorteilen eines maßgeschneiderten Angebots für die Cloud."


2,5-fache Erhöhung der Zahlungsversprechen

When you help the people behind your business shine brighter, customers notice.


Keep in touch with your customers

Our software takes the headache out of scheduling by accounting for volume, patterns, and your team’s needs and preferences. Preview schedules at a daily, weekly, and monthly level, evaluate staffing scenarios, and determine the best way forward all within a drag-and -drop interface.

compliant outbound

Helping you play by the rules of outreach

We’ve made it easy to comply with industry regulations, giving you every tool you need to stay within legal guidelines. Time zone controls, real-time screening, consent management, and more all at your fingertips.

Better engagement, productivity, and so
much more

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What is the cost of non-compliant outreach?

The cost of non-compliance in outbound communications can vary widely depending on factors such as the industry, region, nature of the violation, regulatory framework, and the number of affected customers. An outbound contact center in non-compliance can lead to fines, legal actions, reputational damage, and loss of customer trust. These costs can potentially run into millions or even billions of dollars for large-scale violations. Alvaria helps keep companies compliant.

Can your outreach solution coordinate compliant outreach across multiple business groups and systems?

Yes, the compliance hub features within the Alvaria Proactive Outreach Base Package centralize all attempts to contact and will prioritize and force compliance based on the unique customer rules.

What sort of compliance tracking is available for email outreach?

Alvaria customers can restrict email attempts based on configured email time zone settings. Additionally, managers can set list, postal and time zone parameters to provide the same great proactive customer connections across channels.

How does your solution manage and document customer consent for outbound communications?

Alvaria proactive outreach allows agents to flag records for consent. This can be done using a single field or multiple fields depending on the complexity needed.

Can you provide documentation that demonstrates your solution's compliance with PCI regulations?

Yes, we are PCI DSS v3.2.1 certified and happy to share our attestation letter once you are engaged with our team.