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Increase Business Value:
Call Center Gamification

Encourage a habit of development and engagement through gamification—connecting peers and promoting self-management and accountability.

What are you doing to create an amazing employee experience – so amazing that they don’t want to leave?

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Change the Game on Employee Experience

Customers’ experiences are impacted by employee turnover. And the customer experience directly impacts your business value. Alvaria Motivate transforms your employee experience—creating excellent customer experiences and in turn, elevating lifetime value, holistic purchases, and evangelism.

Key Differentiators

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Impact Performance

Affect performance immediately with live dashboards and automated rewards—removing manual tracking and SPIFFS.

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Understand in real-time what your large contact center is getting back on monetary and non-monetary rewards.

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Create equity across all skill levels, target your middle 60 and disparate groups with the Normalization Engine.

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Increase Management Efficiency

Game Mechanic Automation enables Triggers to be set on agent performance.

Key Components

Skill Development

Impact performance immediately through motivating and engaging gamified tools.


Drive employee performance using competition mechanics or head-to-head duels that can be launched in under a minute.

Alvaria Motivate Competition 2
Alvaria Motivate Competition 1
Alvaria Motivate Competition 3

Identify performance trends, help under-performing employees through assigned coaching sessions, visualize the impact and set follow-up sessions for continuous improvement.

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Learning & Training

Quickly identify knowledge gaps and launch learning or training material from the unified platform or push training alerts to the employee desktop.

Alvaria Motivate Learning

Leverage peer-to-peer or supervisor-to-agent collaboration to fluidly share best practices among the employee community.

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Alvaria Motivate Collab 2

Public and Peer Recognition

Transparency is a powerful motivator. Quickly recognize achievements & status using leaderboards.


Display top-down or peer-to-peer results—making achievements visible to co-workers which increases motivation to grow skillsets.

Alvaria Motivate Leaderboard

Tie “Leveling” to goals to create status rankings among employees.

Alvaria Motivate Status Dashboard
Alvaria Motivate Status

Instant Gratification

Monetary and non-monetary self-service reward options that align to the value of your employees—removing manual processes and fulfillment.

E-Gift Card Store

Allow for automatic point redemption for tangible rewards.

Alvaria Motivate Rewards
Auction House

Utilize Live Auction where employees can bid on prizes.

Alvaria Motivate Auction
Raffle Wheel

Redeem raffle tickets for a chance at rewarding prizes.

Alvaria Motivate Raffle


As your organizational objectives change, employees will stay up-to-date and aligned with the latest goals each day.

My Goals

Focus employees on the outcomes that matter most to your organization by dynamically aligning their activities with organizational goals.

Alvaria Motivate My Goals 1
Alvaria Motivate My Goals 2


Tools that go with you and your team wherever you need it most for an accessible and flexible experience.


Allow employees to easily view goals, communicate with other players, track activities, and redeem rewards on-the-go or after-hours.

Alvaria Motivate Mobile

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"I wouldn’t attribute our success to just one aspect of Alvaria Motivate. Their solution came at us from so many angles, which is why I believe the success we had – and continue to have – is sustainable."

Matt Coffey
General Manager,
Technical Projects

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BC Services achieved its goals of motivating employees and increasing efficiency through a combination of competition, rewards, and coaching. Team competitions and individual duels fulfilled the essential employee needs of belonging and autonomy, while monetary/non-monetary rewards aligned agent values with company goals.

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"So far we have been very impressed with the results of Alvaria Motivate and both consultants and managers love using it. The business is delighted with the uplift in 6% of sales per hour and the system has already paid for itself after just a few months!"

Brendan Mckee
Operations Manager

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