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BC Services Case Study

Discover how BC Services, a prominent accounts receivable management company, transformed its call center operations using innovative game mechanics. Learn how competitions, rewards, and coaching strategies implemented through Alvaria Motivate led to a 6% increase in calls handled per agent per hour within just one week.

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The Organization

BC Services, a leading accounts receivable management (ARM) company, saw an opportunity to leverage game mechanics in its call center to drive motivation, and thereby improve efficiency. The organization employs over 50 agents and processes thousands of calls per day for the purposes of debt collections and customer service. In this case study, you will see how game mechanics such as contests, rewards and coaching helped bring about positive changes in motivation, leading to better call efficiency, higher workforce retention, and, ultimately, more money saved for BC Services

Motivation for Change

BC Services wanted a partner with a proven track record in helping businesses improve efficiency and productivity, and a rich, benefit-driven feature set to gamify its contact center operations. Alvaria Motivate™ was chosen, providing team competitions, individual duels, reward  systems, coaching, and many more features.

The Challenge

Motivating agents to move from one phone interaction to the next more efficiently was first priority for BC Services. After only one week, calls handled per agent/per hour grew by nearly 6%, with an average 3% increase since the  company began using the platform. 

"Competition, rewards, and coaching are a powerful combination for driving motivation and increasing efficiency."
BC Services, Sr. Workforce Manager, BC Services

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