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Maintaining contact center compliance with industry regulations and protecting sensitive customer data are mission critical to your operation. Alvaria can help you with both.

Maximizing contact center efficiency while complying with outbound laws and regulations is critical. Let us help.

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Minimize Risk without Sacrificing Productivity

Alvaria is the world leader in compliant outbound contact center solutions. When combined with omnichannel inbound contact management, customer journey management and workforce engagement tools that supercharge customer engagement, organizations have an elegant way to enhance customer satisfaction (CSAT) while achieving call center compliance.

Key Differentiators

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Comply with Outbound Calling Regulations

Alvaria has patented tools to help you manage your operations in accordance with regulatory and industry guidelines like TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), Ofcom (Office of Communications Act in the U.K.) and others. Failing to follow regulations can result in fines and lawsuits, making compliance tools critical.

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Avoid Overcompliance While Minimizing Risk

Alvaria leads the market in helping companies manage calling regulations and risk around the world without sacrificing contact center productivity.

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Improve CX Scores and Outcomes

Alvaria has advanced compliance controls such as convenient time to call and per attempt call control capabilities such as channel preference routing, that help improve customer experience and outcomes by contacting customers on channels and at times where and when they are more likely to answer.

Easily Keep Up with Changing Requirements

Laws, regulations, requirements and preferences can change– and sometimes – often. Alvaria can help you keep up with the change through compliance tools that are easy to configure, manage and deploy.

Key Components

Outbound Compliance Support

Tools to help you maintain compliance with your outbound contacts.

Regional/State Compliance Control

Outbound contact rules can be scoped to a regional jurisdiction, such as state, to improve compliance adherence and operational efficiency while reducing complexity.

Keep Your Do Not Call Lists Updated in Real Time

Our IVR provides mechanisms to stay up to date with global do-not-call or client-specific exclusion tables, while our state-of-the-art system scrubs your lists before you start dialing and screens calls as they are dialed so you can be sure only eligible parties are contacted.

Time Zone and Jurisdiction Mapping

To better accommodate the challenges that number portability has introduced related to valid calling times, time zone mapping can be determined based on phone number, postal code, host system, or a combination of phone/postal code. Jurisdiction mapping can be determined based on postal code or host system.

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Consent Flagging

Consent designation can be set at the list or record level, where the system can automatically check for consent before dialing to determine whether a record should be dialed in predictive or preview mode.

Harassment Control

Tools to help prevent harassment and increase customer satisfaction.

Attempts Tracker

Allows you to set count and time period-based thresholds that can track and control attempts based on individual contact addresses (e.g. phone numbers or SMS), unique customer ID and customer ID/contact address combo spanning more than one customer record. There is also the ability to track attempts based on account number or account number/contact address related to a specific record.

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Message Tracker

Limits the number of messages played during a defined period based on individual number, unique customer ID, customer ID/phone number combo, account number, or account number/phone number combo. This helps you honor state specific controls and prevent left message harassment.

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Convenient Time to Contact

Allows you to define time windows for when to contact customers based on contact address, unique customer ID, customer/contact address combo, account number, or account number/contact address combo. This prevents harassment and improves outreach efficiency by contacting customers at times that are convenient to them.

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Data Encryption Tools

Our comprehensive range of encryption solutions can help protect you from data breach, loss and inadvertent or deliberate compromise without significantly impacting system performance.

Enterprise Outreach Coordination

Tools to help centralize compliance rules across an enterprise.

Compliance Hub

Alvaria Compliance Hub is the central hub for enterprise outbound environments that coordinates outbound engagement activity on systems across the enterprise.

Outbound Contact Efficiency

Tools that maximize agent and administrative efficiency while maintaining compliance.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive algorithms weigh interaction probability with account priority and agent availability on an ongoing basis– to help you continually improve your quality and service models.

Answering Machine Detection

Automatic system detection of answering machines to reduce time agents spend handling non-connected calls and leaving messages. Leverage this tool to only connect live customers with agents or self-service scripts.

Differentiate Service with Automated Campaigns

Enable outbound call management, list control, workflow management and database integration through our predictive dialing and outbound dialing capabilities.

Automated Campaign Management

Automate and centralize campaign and policy management while ensuring call rule compliance.

Intelligent Decisioning

Our intelligent modeling capability lets enterprise organizations set decisioning rules and analyze multiple, disparate data sources to rapidly weigh contact strategies and optimize effectiveness.

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