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Debt Collection and the New CFPB Regulations: Fiat Lux

May 01, 2021, By Legacy Post

Different interpretations of the new CFPB regulations for outbound contact centers have resulted in confusion, additional business costs, and the burdens accompanying rule violations. Does your company have a clear, well-lit path forward?

Illuminating the New Rules for Outbound Contact Centers   

No one likes it when the rules of the game change in mid-play, or when a playing field changes shape. And any long-distance pool swimmer will tell you they quickly learn to conclude a workout before the water polo team starts practice — presuming that swimmer is looking to avoid a concussion and other significant—and probably unintentional—bodily harm.  

Since 1977, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) has protected consumers against a range of unfair practices, false or misleading representations, and abuse by debt collectors. Innovations and advancements in communication technologies are both a blessing and a challenge for businesses collecting on legitimate debt, as the laws defining our playing field are rewritten, overwritten, and updated. 

Born by recent waves of advancing tech and the perceived need for customer protection, another update to the FDCPA is upon us. 

Specifically, Regulation F of the Act has been amended, affecting all debt collectors working with customers in the United States and the use of new communications technologies such as mobile devices, email, and text messaging in the pursuit of debt collection. The new rules were introduced in October 2020 and will go into effect in November 2021. 

As has occurred with previous updates to the law, uncertainties around its interpretation have resulted in confusion, additional business costs, and the burdens accompanying rule violations.  

Does your company have a clear, well-lit path forward? 

The latest TrendzOwl report on the topic, “New Rule Ready: Outbound Technology Solutions in an Era of Techno Consumerism” presents a clear path toward understanding the new legal requirements and a framework for companies interested in balancing compliance and maximum profitability. 

The author of the report, analyst Stephen Loynd, highlights several key takeaways that cast light on significant changes to the rules. The report offers keen insights into consumer channel preference, effective outbound customer communication over multiple channels in light of the new regulations, and ways companies can provide superior CX while helping themselves be “compliant by design.” 

If you haven’t yet read the new report, you can download a complimentary copy, or learn more about Alvaria compliant outbound solutions.

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