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Positively Impact Agent Engagement While Minimizing Operational Costs.

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Alvaria solutions power many of the world's leading enterprise-tier contact centers, including:

Employ the powerful Alvaria Motivate call center gamification software to elevate agent engagement and customer satisfaction

71% of all employees are not engaged while at work and the average call center has a 26% attrition rate. You can turn these numbers around with engaging contests, recognition and rewards.

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Quick to Implement Competitions

In less than a minute, create agent vs. agent, team vs. team or team vs. center competitions.

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Ignite Performance & Continuous Feedback

With regular coaching, positive reinforcement, direct feedback, and targeted rewards you can drastically improve engagement, performance, and retention.

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Accelerate Learning & Training

Design more engaging training programs and activities to improve motivation and retention.


Align Activity with Business Goals

Through My Goals, organizations can focus agents on outcomes that matter most to your call center, even when they change frequently.

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Establish a Sense of Recognition

Increase motivation by recognizing employee achievements and status through our publicly displayed Leaderboard.

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Create a Collaborative Environment

Leverage peer-to-peer or supervisor-to-agent collaboration to fluidly share best practices among the community.

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Instant Agent Gratification

With an integrated points system, agents can cash in and redeem gift cards and other rewards set by the organization from anywhere, anytime.


Open Architecture & APIs

Architecture built with enterprises in mind to integrate with existing WFM and LMS solutions.

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Multiple Deployment Options

Available on-premise and as an Alvaria Cloud based service. Integrates seamlessly with our contact center and WEM solutions.

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Global Support Team and Infrastructure

Tiered, 365-day follow the sun customer support team and service infrastructure to ensure you get the service you need, when you need it.

The Agent Engagement Solution That Maximizes Your ROI

Whether your employees are motivated most by incentives or recognition, competition or collaboration, Alvaria Motivate transforms daily routines into rewarding rivalries that give everyone a reason to do their best.

Redemption ROI Chart

Alvaria Motivate Redemption ROI Calculator

Use My Goals to Align Agent Activity with Your Call Center Objectives

Expand your gamification scorecards into leaderboards to illustrate stack ranking, driving self-education through autonomy.

  • Create and set goals from within your sandbox, so that as your organizational objectives change, so can your agents’ focus
  • Reward employees for achieving targets
  • Leverage historical data to predict Scorecard success, offering an opportunity to course correct before the end of the goal period

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“So far we have been very impressed with the results of Alvaria Motivate and both consultants and managers love using it. The business is delighted with the uplift in 6% of sales per hour and the system has already paid for itself after just a few months.


Brendan Mckee
Operations Manager,
Simply Business

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