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Scheduling & forecasting

Optimised planning for today, tomorrow, and the next day

Turn your operations up a notch with scheduling made to improve workflows and anticipate needs.

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Real Outcomes

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Make the most of your time with automated scheduling

Less headaches, less hiccups, more time. Set parameters, select the options that fit your needs, and make your schedule work for you.

Stay ahead with accurate forecasting

Take the guesswork out of staffing decisions with our forecasting model. Weighing historical and current data, you’ll be planning with confidence both now and in the future.

Make scheduling changes simple

Resource availability is in a constant state of flux. Team members get sick, lose power, etc. Our platform accounts for unexpected staffing needs so you can roll with the punches.


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What is the scheduling functionality in Alvaria Cloud?

Our WEM software provides a number of contact centre scheduling options, each of which can be used separately, or in conjunction with one another.  

1. Preference-Based Scheduling: When running Preference-Based Scheduler, Workforce Management will optimise and generate schedules based on the contact centre's staffing requirements and agents' preferences.

2. Agentless or Template-Based Scheduling: Once templates have been defined, empty schedules are generated based on optimal staffing requirements and user-defined coverage rules. Agents are then automatically assigned to schedules based on agent or supervisor preferences. Template-based scheduling can also create overtime schedules and to map out ideal staffing plans during recruitment and shift reviews.

3. Rosters: The Roster Manager is designed to assist clients with a rigid rotation of schedules over a period of several weeks. The roster feature can seamlessly schedule agents for weeks and even months ahead. This approach to scheduling is the least flexible and frequently the least optimal, but in environments where rotating shift plans are agreed well in advance, the approach may be the only realistic option.

How do you schedule multiple sites without having to make additional changes? 

The workforce modules in Alvaria's WEM base package can forecast, schedule, and track (IDP) for multiple sites without the need for additional changes. Agents can be assigned to specific sites or used in other sites. The base package also includes a module which offers advanced networking and staff scheduling capabilities to provide a global perspective for centers that share contacts across multiple sites.

Is there an option for agents to trade and/or bid out their schedule?  

Our flexible shift bid feature enables companies to offer 'build your own schedule ' capabilities to gig economy contact centre staff while ensuring the resulting schedules will meet business rules set by the contact centre forecasting software.

Are you able to bulk upload schedules?

Yes, there is a standard segment import feature that is used for uploading schedules in bulk for contact centre scheduling.

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