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Introducing Alvaria Horizons: Our Innovation Lab

Fully integrated contact centRE

Take calls in stride

Puts the power in the hands of agents and managers, allowing them to schedule easier, interact better, and improve their bottom line all with an open interface for any enterprise integration needed.

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Complex and Custom Integrations

An experience that works how you do

Already tied up with the other guys? We can integrate with third party interaction platforms no problem. Keep account administration, data security, and calendars from other platforms while synthesising analytics, performance management, and interaction recording.

We play nice with others so you can get the best of both worlds.

WFO and ACD Integrations

Integration capabilities

Our CCaaS and CEC partners are best-in-class at what they do. Leverage their inbound expertise with our compliant, proactive outbound capabilities and our workforce optimization to ensure consistently positive customer connections, streamline operations, and navigate regulatory challenges successfully. Where a custom integration is identified, we will engage our PS team to scope the effort.

ACD Integrations

  • UJET/Google CCaaS
  • Avaya
  • Amazon Connect
  • Five9
  • Plus more

Workforce Management Connectors

  • Amazon Connect
  • Avaya
  • Five9
  • Genesys
  • Plus more
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Experience how Alvaria can help teams be at their very best

Better engagement, productivity, and so
much more

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Are there opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration with other users of your software?

The Alvaria Community empowers you and your end-users with knowledge, self-service options, real-time access to peer-to-peer collaboration, platform notices, product release information, and more. Available 365/24/7, the Alvaria Community is always on for collaboration, connections, and evolving support needs. There are specialised open forums around topics the users care about from contact centre workforce optimisation to contact centre employee engagement and everything in-between.

How do you gather and prioritise product feedback and ideas from your customers and partners?

Our process for gathering and prioritising feedback is designed to be equitable, inclusive, transparent, and data-driven, ensuring that the voices of all users are heard and that our product development efforts are aligned with user needs and business objectives. The tool itself, Alvaria Ideas Portal, is accessible to all active customers and partners.

What is your involvement and representation in industry initiatives?

With Aspect, founded in 1973, and Noble Systems, founded in 1989, our combined tenure represents 50 years of formidable experience and a history of innovation in the contact centre industry. Aspect introduced the industry’s first intelligent automatic call distributor (ACD) in 1973, the first workforce management (WFM) product in 1980, and the first outbound dialling system in 1981. Noble Systems was the pioneer in the development and distribution of outbound dialling systems. In 1985, the company developed a predictive dialling product and began selling it to other companies. Noble Systems Corporation was officially formed in 1989 to further develop and distribute the company’s products. 

​As Alvaria Inc., we continue building on past achievements including omnichannel self-service, proactive outreach regulatory tools, and enterprise gamification by fusing cutting-edge, unified communications and collaboration enterprise technologies with next-generation contact centre employee engagement and a contact centre outbound platform, helping clients deliver a truly differentiated customer experience that bolsters consumer loyalty and improves business outcomes.

Is your Contact Centre Outbound Platform PCI certified?

Yes, we are PCI DSS v3.2.1 certified and happy to share our attestation letter once you are engaged with our team.

I already have several tools deployed within my contact centre, how hard is it for me to integrate with these systems?

Our WEM packages are designed to allow you to consume a base set of capabilities and add on from there. From contact centre management, contact centre performance, workforce engagement management, contact centre workforce management, contact centre workforce optimisation, or contact centre employee engagement, our WEM portfolio is best of breed and integrates with any enterprise grade solution you are using today.