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World Leader in Enterprise Workforce Optimization Solutions, Alvaria, Welcomes Senior Operating Business Executive Frank Ciccone, Chief Revenue Officer

November 28, 2022

Westford, MA - Alvaria, Inc. is pleased to announce Frank Ciccone has been named Chief Revenue Officer. In this role, Frank is responsible for leading go to market activities.

Frank brings a history of success in optimizing strategy, organizations, and go-to-market models that enable significant growth. He has extensive experience in identifying, creating and managing new market opportunities with disruptive technologies and movement to SaaS delivery models with a proven track record of creating significant growth across both channel and direct sales.

Before joining Alvaria, Frank served as Senior Vice President and General Manager for North America at a global business communication organization where he was responsible for sales and delivery of product and professional services across all customer segments and channels – both direct and partner led. He was instrumental in leading their transformation from a premise-based hardware company to a cloud first software and subscription firm. Additionally, he played a role in significant increases in partnerships and driving sales through channel opportunities.

“As our organization transitions into a true ‘best-fit’ customer solution across public SaaS, private cloud and on-premises software, there is no doubt Frank is the right person to lead our go to market strategies and to grow our channel and partner-based sales.” Said Jeff Cotten, Alvaria Chief Executive Officer.

“I am thrilled to be a part of Alvaria,” said Frank Ciccone. “I am looking forward to executing a new growth strategy that will help our customers and partners meet their goals and objectives.”

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Alvaria was founded through the merger of Aspect Software and Noble Systems. We are the world leader in enterprise-scale customer experience (CX) and workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions. Our name is derived from Latin for “hives” – nature’s perfect form for millions of years – bringing you solutions that are scalable, resilient and secure, with efficiency, speed and pinpoint accuracy. ALVARIA. Reshaping Customer Experience™. For more information, please visit

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Colleen Sheley, SVP of Marketing, Alvaria, Inc.

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