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Alvaria Engagement Analytics™ Product Updates May 2023

May 25, 2023, By Courtney Cox

Let’s explore how the May 2023 Alvaria Engagement Analytics™ product updates redefine the path of driving customer satisfaction, loyalty and growth.

Built to deliver immediate value and ROI to our customers, we’re excited to introduce our May 2023 Alvaria Engagement Analytics™ product updates. As a leader in customer engagement and analytics solutions, we are dedicated to delivering innovative tools that empower our customers to understand and optimize their customer interactions like never before. Let’s explore how our latest updates redefine the path of driving customer satisfaction, loyalty and growth. 

New Notification Workflow 

Daily or weekly notification workflow 

We're introducing a new notification feature that saves customers time by creating a customized notification workflow to be sent on a daily or weekly basis. With categories, organizations can add any combination of metadata so users can create notifications customized and relevant to their business needs. For example, in financial services, organizations can create notifications for complaints that are required to be reviewed so compliance issues can be handled more quickly. These notifications can be customized for different groups of users in the hierarchy to receive more relevant information.  

This ensures stakeholders outside of the contact center can gain insight into what’s happening in customer conversations and take appropriate action—necessary in executing closed-loop feedback. When the right leaders get the right insights, they can make better decisions and drive change.  

Enhanced AI-Based Contact Summarization 

Abstractive summaries for greater context 

Alvaria Engagement Analytics now features enhanced, automatic AI-based summaries for customer conversations. Abstractive summaries now appear alongside metadata, categories and scores to provide greater context to those who need it. Most importantly, these summaries work together with the new notification capabilities so everyone in the organization can remain on the same page.  

This new enhancement benefits agents, supervisors, analysts and the overall organization.  

  • Agents spend less time focused on summarizing interactions and more time addressing customer needs.  
  • Supervisors can quickly identify interactions that can benefit from more effective coaching practices.  
  • Analysts can gain clues regarding critical aspects of the customer contact. Leaders and executives can confirm suspicions by reviewing customer interactions that point to problems beyond the scope of the contact center, such as shipping and return processes, supply chain issues and more.  
  • Our customers can use summary capabilities to identify and correct business issues—saving time and improving efficiency. 


Required across the platform  

Hierarchy configurations are now a required feature across the overall platform. Updated editing options and simplified user alignment means users can update the hierarchy in a single step as opposed to the multi-step process it was previously. 

*Customer systems with a hierarchy already in place will not be adjusted*  

You spoke and we listened! As a company, we are committed to taking our user’s feedback seriously and continually strive to create a better product that meets your needs. Outside of our new features available for May mentioned above, we also have a few product improvements to share:  

Resolved Issues 

Update of fixed faults 


  • TreeMap loads endlessly when choosing a single phrase 
  • Improve validation with faulty syntax 
  • Wordcount at contact-level (audio/video) is now surfacing word count before redaction 


  • Subject on email contacts not populating via ingestion API v2 
  • User Alignment Tracking Report(s) sometimes show incorrect change locations 


  • Variable categories in solutions have the ability to include categories deployed through the solution 
  • Cost of Living Solution updates- language additions for enhanced accuracy 

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