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Fully integrated inbound

Connect to any channel and every customer

Manage all inbound channels in one place while improving customer experience.

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Real Outcomes

"Once we started using the Alvaria predictive dialer, it helped improve agent productivity more than 50%."


Bottom line, JMT saw an 11% cost reduction per agent with the Alvaria predictive dialing solution replacing manual dialing.

"The city’s Automatic Call Distributor and Interactive Voice Response solution needed to be upgraded and the opportunity to standardize on one communications platform allowed for more streamlined support and reduced maintenance costs."

City of Mesa, Arizona

The solution resulted in 40% reduction in cost and a single vendor contact for support.

"Alvaria’s contact center technology is like a plug and play solution. We were able to implement it in just a few months’ time."


The bank saw 33% growth in core income, 21% decrease in open of customer engagement, and 73% increase in sales.

Expand agent capabilities without wasting time

Combine agent efforts into one platform allowing them to manage both inbound contacts and outbound outreach across any and all channels.

Get to the solution faster

Give your customers a better experience with transfer mitigation and intelligent routing so they can find the answers they need in a shorter amount of time.

Platforms for what you need the most

Get everything you need to run your contact centre operations with best-in-class software, while minimising expenses and maximising cost efficiencies.


Case Study

Asurion Case Study

Asurion Case Study
blog post

Accelerate Effectiveness With Sales Gamification

Accelerate Effectiveness With Sales Gamification


Why would a CCaaS customer need Alvaria Proactive Outreach?

Enterprises including financial services, airlines, retail, telecom and technology organisations are seeking platforms to power secure, customer interactions at scale. Alvaria outbound capabilities streamline agent workflows with easy-to-use, compliant campaign management tools.

What CCaaS providers do you have native integrations with?

Alvaria complements the Google Cloud Contact Centre AI Platform by providing solutions that drive agent success, keep them engaged, and make them feel like an extension of the brand.

Additionally, Alvaria and Avaya announced an alliance designed to help the world’s largest brands transition from reactive to proactive customer experiences in the cloud. Alvaria will integrate its Alvaria Cloud solutions for outbound interactions, regulatory and compliance management, and convenient time to call capabilities with Avaya's Elite contact centre and its Enterprise Cloud solutions. This integration will provide Avaya's customers with advanced outbound capabilities to create proactive, compliant campaigns and increase customer acquisition, collections, growth, and drive customer loyalty and retention.

Why is Alvaria not included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS?

Alvaria has chosen to opt-out of the CCaaS MQ because Gartner’s definition of CCaaS does not align to Enterprise Cloud Contact Centres. Gartner describes CCaaS as all-in-one, all-at-once and inbound focused. That is not a fit for Alvaria Enterprise customers or large contact centres.

We have a CCaaS solution today, why would we need Alvaria WEM?

Inbound contact centres often times have large pools of agents across many time zones, an enterprise grade WEM solution provides agents with flexible scheduling options, gamification, performance tracking and automated workflows – increasing agent engagement and reducing attrition.

I don’t see our CCaaS provider listed here, what are my options?

Alvaria is paving a new path in customer experience with an open interface for any enterprise integration needed. We have a list of available API connectors, a roadmap for future connectors and a world-class professional services team that can develop any integration needed.

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