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The New Characteristics of Workforce Engagement

Aug 22, 2023, By Courtney Cox

In the contact center, customer service relies on workforce engagement to shape customer experiences. Discover the latest trends in workforce engagement and explore the new characteristics shaping the future of employee productivity and satisfaction.

In the contact center, customer service relies on workforce engagement to shape customer experiences. An engaged team is key to building lasting customer relationships, fostering brand loyalty, and driving overall business performance. The benefits of an engaged workforce in the call center are easily recognizable – engagement manifests as a positive work environment across all your sectors and teams; but engagement also helps deliver exceptional customer service. Have you noticed newly emerging characteristics of an engaged workforce? We sure have.


Interaction and engagement are the hallmarks of satisfaction strategy; and it all begins with authenticity. Agents that remain genuine in their interactions (without sounding robotic or scripted), and can communicate joy, empathy, and understanding while helping customers feel valued and appreciated. Authenticity leads to stronger connections, and this fuels the ability to make decisions and solve problems from the agent as well as the client’s perspective. An authentic agent can provide quicker resolutions to customer issues, reducing frustration and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Proactive Escalation

Proactive customer experiences (CX) involves interacting with customers before they even realize an issue exists. An engaged workforce consistently identifies potential problems and reaches out to affected customers, demonstrating a commitment to customer welfare and helping to limit complaints. What if an issue requires escalation? Escalated issues that are handled efficiently and with a sense of urgency require understanding, empathy, and a connection between agent, client, and organization. Proactive escalation is next level CX.

Anticipating Customer Need

In addition to proactively handling immediate concerns, an engaged workforce excels in anticipating customers' needs. Through AI and predictive analysis, we can examine customer behavior and historical data, identifying patterns. In a sales role, an engaged workforce leverages this data to offer personalized recommendations and targeted offers. This level of attention to preferences, detail, and needs makes customers feel valued and appreciated, increasing the likelihood of customer loyalty and repeat business.

Client Trust Factor

Honesty and transparency are the new foundational principles of CX. By making these the bedrock of customer touchpoints, your business can transcend cold calling and sales pitching. Permission marketing is a collaborative effort where the CX outcome is dependent on knowledge and trust. Engaged contact center agents tend to be very upfront about products, services, and limitations. If a mistake is made, ownership to rectify the situation builds trust with customers. Don’t forget the feedback loop. Actively seeking feedback from customers and monitoring CS metrics drives noticeable changes and enhancements. A thoughtful feedback loop ensures that the call center is continually evolving to meet customer needs and expectations.

Emotional Intel

As AI and automation perform a higher percentage of routine tasks, agents will increasingly handle complex and emotionally charged customer interactions. Emotional intelligence, and empathy are now crucial skills that specialists must master in order to ensure positive customer experiences. An engaged representative, especially during stressful or emotionally charged situations, can diffuse tension and will likely lead to a more positive interaction. A workforce highly trained in de-escalation techniques signals composure and professionalism to the customer as well as new hires.

Great customer service in the call center is evolving. An engaged workforce is necessary to elevate the customer experience. Authenticity, proactivity, trust, and emotional intelligence, are just some of the new indications that your teams are playing crucial roles in delivering exceptional service and differentiating themselves in the competitive marketplace.

How are these and other markers driving outstanding customer service and elevating CX in your contact center?

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