Alvaria Automate

Robotic Process Automation
for Call Centers

Optimize your normal and repetitive operational activities and automate these error-prone tasks—improving accuracy, efficiency and consistency.

Allow contact center teams to focus on higher value tasks while creating better experiences for employees – and customers – with the power of RPA.

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Embrace Digital Transformation with RPA

Don’t let organization-wide productivity get bogged down by repetitive and tedious tasks like retrieving, processing, scheduling, aggregating, importing and/or exporting data. Change the way work gets done through bot-like technology that frees your teams to focus on what they do best.

Key Differentiators

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Reduced Costs

Decrease manual labor by automating repetitive data processing tasks and bringing AI to customer care before, during and after interactions.

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RPA functions with error-free data accuracy, eliminating human error which can result in real and unplanned costs for organizations.

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Data Security

A well-developed and well-maintained RPA solution allows greater compliance and easier implementation of governance practices.

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Flexible Deployment

Available on-premises, in a hosted setting, or on the cloud contact center platform of your choice for optimal flexibility, enabling you to choose the deployment that’s right for your business.

Key Components

Unattended Robotic Process Automation

Eliminate human actions to retrieve, process, schedule, aggregate, import and/or export data to produce data pipelines tailored to your needs.

Server Layer

Server layer in the cloud gives the advantage of a reliable, secure and scalable environment that orchestrates workflows to perform defined tasks.


Optimized to work in tandem with Alvaria Workforce, Alvaria Cloud CX and any third-party solution with REST API.

Attended Robotic Process Automation

Simple, secure and 100% accurate human-in-the-loop automation.

No Rip and Replace

Requires no additional infrastructure or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and no replacement of existing applications.

Real Time

Execute flows in real time based on agent actions. Real time access disconnected data stores and processes.

Agent Assist

Automate pre-filled forms, customer information look-ups, critical compliance steps and interaction notes to maintain focus on the customer and the interaction.

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