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How to Increase Patient Satisfaction in the Healthcare Industry with Proactive Outreach

May 03, 2023, By Gabby Duray

Alvaria outbound solutions can help make proactive patient outreach easy. Whether you want to send appointment reminders, consent forms, or follow ups through email, SMS or voice, we have multiple channel options to contact patients the way they prefer.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, patient satisfaction is becoming increasingly important. Patients want to feel valued and heard and they expect to receive personalized care. One way to ensure that patients are satisfied with their healthcare experience is through proactive outreach. 

Proactive outreach happens when healthcare providers take the initiative to contact patients, rather than waiting for the patients to contact them. This can include SMS text reminders for appointments, email reminders to fill out consent forms, follow-up calls after appointments and check-ins to ensure that patients are managing their health conditions appropriately. 

For many, being a patient is stressful. If healthcare providers can increase their patient satisfaction, this makes all the difference. Although there are many ways that proactive outreach can increase patient satisfaction, these are just a few: 

Prevent Missed Appointments 

Missed appointments can be frustrating for both patients and providers. They can lead to longer wait times for other patients and lost revenue for the practice. For patients, it can lead to a delay in receiving care and even missed appointment fees. According to Artera, the average no-show rate for appointments across medical practices in the US is 18%. By sending reminder messages or providing consent forms for patients to fill out ahead of time, providers can reduce the likelihood of missed appointments and improve the overall patient experience. 

Better Patient Education 

Proactive outreach can also improve patient education. When healthcare providers reach out to patients, they have the opportunity to provide patients with information about their health conditions and how to manage them effectively. This can help improve patient outcomes and reduce the likelihood of complications. 

Increased Patient Loyalty 

When patients receive personalized care, they are more likely to remain loyal to their healthcare provider. Proactive outreach can help to build strong relationships between patients and healthcare providers, leading to increased patient loyalty and retention. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Mckinsey, satisfied patients are 28% less likely to switch providers. 

Improved Patient Safety 

Proactive outreach can also help improve patient safety. By reaching out to patients before they have a chance to contact the healthcare provider, proactive outreach can help to identify potential issues before they become serious. This can help to prevent medication errors and other adverse events. 

Proactive outreach can be a powerful tool for increasing patient satisfaction. By preventing missed appointments, providing better patient education, increasing patient loyalty and improving patient safety, proactive outreach can help to enhance the overall healthcare experience for patients. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, proactive outreach will become increasingly important for healthcare providers who want to provide the best possible care for their patients. 

To improve your patient satisfaction scores, Alvaria outbound solutions can help make proactive outreach easy through list and campaign management tools, various dialing modes and template and automation capabilities. Whether you want to send your appointment reminders, consent forms, or follow ups through email, SMS or voice, our outbound solutions have multiple channel options that give you the ability to contact patients on the channels that they prefer. 

Alvaria outbound solutions also empower healthcare providers with simple, effective compliance tools. This way providers can avoid over-contacting patients and can keep track of interactions to avoid lawsuits or fines. 

Additionally, our outbound solutions allow providers to leverage the appropriate account information in a useful and meaningful way. Representatives can ensure they are prepared, before talking to patients, by reviewing information before calls. This allows representatives to have more personalized conversations with patients and in turn increases patient satisfaction. 

Learn more about how you can use Alvaria outbound solutions to take the step towards increasing patient satisfaction scores through proactive multichannel outreach. 

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