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Maximize contact center efficiency, improve customer experience and simplify compliance when reaching out to customers using Alvaria Advanced Outreach.

Whether your campaign goals are customer acquisition, collections, growth, retention, or something else, Alvaria Advanced Outreach helps your organization accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently while honoring your compliance requirements.

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Improve Outbound Contact Outcomes: Advanced Outreach

Improve your outbound campaign through easy-to-use software that manages customer channel preferences, increases agent and administrative efficiency, all while honoring compliance requirements.

Key Differentiators

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Improved Agent Efficiency

Make the most out of agent time and capacity with tools that will reduce agent idle time and abandon rates simultaneously.

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Better Connect & Contact Rates

Increase outcomes through better connect and contact rates by using features such as best time to call, customer contact preferences and more.

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Improved Administrative Productivity

Save time for your administrative staff so they can focus on higher priority tasks by using the easy-to-implement automation and template features.

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Robust and Precise Compliance

Define compliance rules at a level of precision that matches laws, regulations and your business rules so that you comply to avoid fines and lawsuits – all while avoiding overcompliance.

Key Components

Outbound Contact Management

Manage your Alvaria outbound contact center solution with easy-to-use tools.

List & Campaign Management

Start/stop lists, change priorities and update records without affecting agents and dialing. Advanced Outreach tools also provide the ability to work multiple lists simultaneously in desired percent distribution eliminating time and agent bias.

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Smooth Dialing

Smooth out dialing by providing only dialable and compliance-cleared records reducing both agent idle time and abandon rate.

Call Classification (AMD)

Only connect live customers with agents or self-service applications which in turn reduces the time agents spend dialing, handling non-connected calls and leaving messages.

Various Dial Modes

Multiple dial modes are available to fit your business needs and use cases.

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Customer Preference Management

Contact your customers based on their preferences to provide a better customer experience all while increasing connect and contact rates.

Convenient Time to Contact

When contacting customers, this feature ensures you are honoring customer time/day preferences and reserving limited available attempts for approachable customer times.

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Preference Routing

This feature allows the system to dynamically apply preview or SMS contact modes based on customer preference or account information.

Record-Level Rules

Increase contact rates by working each record in a list based on its own results.

Administrative Aids

Save administrators time and manual effort when managing your outbound contact center.

Automation Capabilities

Actions can be activated via automation which frees up administrators’ time for higher value activities and increases the speed of reacting to intra-day situations.

Template Implementation

Templates can be used to allow various business rules and best practices to be consolidated for increased administrative control and quicker, more consistent implementation.

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Real-Time Sorting

Customers to contact can be sorted in real-time based on record and operational data such as valid start/stop dialing times and risk scores.

Compliance and Regulation Management

Advanced Outreach + Alvaria Compliance are sophisticated call center compliance tools that help you avoid errors and easily deploy the right level of dialing rules.

Attempts/Message Tracker

Limit attempts across one or more customer records with the ability to deploy multiple rules based on contact address (e.g., phone number, email and SMS number), customer address or account + contact address.

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State/Locale Specific Rules

Improve compliance adherence and operational efficiency while reducing complexity with rules that can be scoped to a regional jurisdiction such as a specific state.

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Call Time Validator (Phone/Postal Code)

Ensure that customers are being contacted at valid times by regional rules that are declared based on area code and/or postal code and/or their specific jurisdiction such as state.

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