Amazon Connect Integration
with Alvaria Workforce

State-of-the-art workforce management capabilities with the convenience of the AWS cloud

About the Alvaria and Amazon Partnership

Not only are Alvaria and Amazon aligned in our core values, but AWS has bootstrapped the Alvaria Cloud for dynamic scaling and rapid deployment models allowing our customers businesses to grow without bounds. AWS and Alvaria have partnered together to unify some of our core competencies at the source code layer to drive a complete Customer Engagement solution with Amazon Connect and Alvaria Workforce.

Enjoy Feature-Rich Capabilities

Alvaria Workforce, now a powerful complement to Amazon Connect, has enabled thousands of contact centers to operate more productively and efficiently.

Alvaria Workforce features a simplified, browser-based interface complete with:

  • Responsive, user-customizable dashboards
  • Unlimited what-if scenarios
  • Easy employee self-service
  • True multichannel/multi-skill optimization
  • Advanced Real-Time Adherence insights
  • Agent productivity and performance insights
  • Flexible shift bidding options for agents
  • And more…
Alvaria Workforce Dashboard

Critical forecasting, tracking, agent productivity, and real time adherence data are transferred from Amazon Connect to Alvaria Workforce through a seamless integration to provide a rich workforce management experience. Forecasting data considers historical call volumes and projects future calls volumes along with staffing needs. Forecasts are then used to schedule specific agents for specific times. Tracking data is used to monitor departures from expected call volumes and average handle times. Agent productivity and real-time adherence data gives supervisors the information they need to monitor agents' performance and be alerted to any deviations from scheduled activities.

Better CX through Intelligent Integration

The Amazon Connect and Alvaria Workforce integration allows enterprise customers to rapidly deploy and cost effectively operate their contact centers across the globe. Alvaria Workforce permits Amazon Connect customers to intelligently manage staffing needs and costs in real time. Having the right number of appropriately skilled agents available at the right time leads to a better customer experience.

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Integration Architecture

AWS Integration Diagram

Why Choose Alvaria?

The award-winning Alvaria Workforce feature set and highly intuitive interface are loved by agents and managers alike. Our seamless integration with AWS supports all Alvaria Workforce implementation models including on-premises, private hosted, and AWS cloud environments. As a result, businesses already using any version of Alvaria Workforce can easily migrate to Amazon Connect; likewise, new Amazon Connect customers can choose the Alvaria Workforce deployment method that's right for their business. Key differentiators include:

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Rapid Deployment

Amazon Connect is your gateway to Alvaria’s ready-to-implement workforce management solution.

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Choose the deployment option that’s right for your business and your customers.

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Easily optimize agent staffing based on your intraday business needs while also easily balancing employee preferences.

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