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Resolutte Partner Success Case

Discover the partnership that enhances customer experiences worldwide.

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Alvaria Products Resolutte Offers

• Alvaria Proactive Outreach solutions 

• Alvaria CXP for existing private cloud or premise Alvaria customers Alvaria and CallMiner

• Alvaria Workforce Optimization solutions 

The Organisation’s Beginnings 

Founded in 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil, Resolutte, an IT outsourcing company, serves small and mid-sized businesses. In addition to their headquarters in São Paulo, in 2022, Resolutte expanded their business to the United States, creating the affiliated company Rising Interactions, based in Orlando, Florida. 

Partnership with Alvaria 

Alvaria partners with organisations and industry leaders across the globe in order to offer end-users more choice and greater access to Alvaria technology and solutions. A partner since 2019, Resolutte is a strong advocate of the power of Alvaria’s outbound capabilities which allow contact centres to build strategies to route calls to specific agents. Additionally, they champion Alvaria workforce engagement management (WEM) software because of its multichannel forecasting abilities as well as the easy integration with automatic call diallers (ACD). The Alvaria partnership became even more meaningful in 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic, Alvaria engineering and support teams worked around the clock to ensure Resolutte’s customers’ platforms were stable, allowing agents to work from home without interruptions. 

Future with Alvaria 

In 2022, Resolutte’s knowledge and commitment allowed them to reach specific revenue goals, earning the company the distinction of Alvaria Diamond Partner. Chief Operating Officer, Diego Carvalho has indicated, the organisation wants to become more than a diamond partner by continuing to sell Alvaria products and growing their company. Alvaria is welcoming new partners in all regions. Learn more about becoming an Alvaria channel partner today!  

“Our main focus is to grow our customers’ business. We believe that by working very closely with our customers, we can increase trust in our business.”
Diego Carvalho
Chief Operating Officer

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