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Enhancing Quality & ROI Case Study

Discover how a Detroit-based customer engagement solution provider transformed their quality measurements from dull to thrilling with Alvaria Motivate and speech analytics.

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The Organisation 

This large marketing and customer engagement solution provider focuses on helping brands connect and engage with their customers to generate leads, increase sales, and provide remarkable customer experiences. They do this by creating personalised and relevant dialogue throughout the entire customer journey. Based in Detroit, Michigan, they employ just over 3,500 employees and have call centre operations spanning 11 locations. 

Motivation for Change 

A global powerhouse, this company has a long and successful history of providing exceptional results for their clients. Priding themselves on exceeding client’s expectations has been their industry calling card. One of the major contributors to their success has been their forward-thinking approach when it comes to leveraging new technologies. 

However, in recent years – as their employee community has grown – they have seen performance across key indicators plateau. In response, the company’s leadership decided to pursue Alvaria Motivate as the solution to inspire, motivate, and revolutionise their automotive warranty division. They took a year to inspect the various gamification vendors, and ultimately selected Alvaria Motivate. 

Enhancing Quality and ROI with Alvaria Motivate + Speech Analytics. Quality is the backbone of the modern-day call centre. From account verification to problem solving ability, meeting quality standards often indicates a call centre is highly productive and profitable. 

Yet traditionally, the narrative around managing those important quality measurements is boring. Satisfactory marks for script compliance and etiquette may excite a call centre manager, but generating interest around quality from an entire team is much more difficult. Embracing technology can change this. Utilising a speech analytics system that can provide actionable intelligence for quality assurance in real-time or from recorded conversations is one part of the equation. The other part is bringing in game mechanics like competition, coaching, and rewards to make the activity that drives the quality outputs from the speech analytics platform more fun and engaging. Even better, targeting interest in a particular behaviour outcome, such as quality, often results in tangential spikes in an untargeted outcome, like return on investment. 

Read on to learn how one of the nation’s largest auto warranty sellers used Alvaria Motivate and speech analytics to target quality improvement and increase engagement across a large and logistically disparate division, leading to record-high quality scores and ROI. 

Making Quality Exciting 

Making their business successful is a simple calculation, and because of that, the group’s primary goals are all quality-centric. So, it’s not surprising that they were early adopters when it came to leveraging speech analytics as their quality system of record. A part of their gamification due diligence was to ensure that a provider could take a measurement like quality, which traditionally may not be very exciting to agents, and not only improve it, but also make activity around it fun and engaging. 

Speech Analytics Outputs 

To accommodate their goal, Alvaria Motivate created a multi-level user interface platform that would inspire and engage the entire spectrum of their employees. At the core were critical outputs from the speech analytics platform such as discovery, rapport, and presentation. These were combined with several other factors to create the organisation’s proprietary quality key performance indicator. 

Prior to using Alvaria Motivate, the organisation had an average 10-year proprietary quality score of 72%. Through carefully crafted game mechanics, they created a unified platform which aggressively leveraged monetary and non-monetary rewards, agent and team competitions, recognition through public leaderboards, and a gamified coaching feature that was directly integrated into scorecards for each agent and supervisor. The results were profound. 

Ancillary ROI Benefits

When companies focus on aligning agent activity to a particular outcome through game mechanics, there will almost always also be a positive impact in a completely different behaviour outcome or KPI category. With Alvaria, the group reached their quality goal by achieving historic highs resulting from a dramatic increase in employee engagement. The secondary impact was a productivity spike in agent monthly close and activation rates – two of their most important measurements. 

The Results 


This leading provider of customer engagement solutions changed the narrative around managing quality measurements from boring to exciting. The Director of Leadership and Sales Training has been the catalyst for “out of the box” thinking. Her leadership in bringing emerging technologies into the group’s operations has led to innovative ways of changing organisational culture and has driven fresh approaches to managing business processes. True to corporate direction, the leadership team targeted a stagnant community of employees with cutting edge gamification technology. 

By intelligently focusing on their core operational measurement of quality, they leveraged their speech analytics outputs with the Alvaria Motivate platform to create a new organizational quality standard, and also exceeded ROI goals across their most important productivity KPIs. 

"Our quality score had not been above 72% in 10 years. Alvaria Motivate has created a new normal for our organisation."
Vice President, Vehicle Services Contracts


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