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The Journey to Workforce Engagement Management in the Cloud

Sep 27, 2023, By Courtney Cox

The journey to WEM in the cloud is a transformative one, reshaping how you manage your most valuable asset: your workforce. Learn about the benefits and questions to ask.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizations are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve their operations and employee engagement. If workforce engagement management (WEM) software is part of the technology your organization has chosen to embrace, then you should be familiar with this popular topic of discussion: the shift toward cloud-based solutions.  

WEM involves strategies and tools that empower organizations to optimize employee productivity, enhance customer service, and streamline operations. Unfortunately, traditional workforce engagement management solutions are managed through on-premises systems and often come with limitations—they're resource-intensive, lack scalability, and require substantial IT infrastructure—proving to be inefficient, time-consuming, and lacking flexibility.  

Fortunately, cloud technology has revolutionized how businesses operate, offering scalability, flexibility, and accessibility like never before. Recognizing these advantages, organizations have begun to migrate their essential systems and processes to the cloud, and workforce engagement management was no exception.  

What benefits could your organization experience from migrating WEM to the cloud?  

  1. Greater operational efficiency through streamlined processes, automated tasks, and real-time insights. 
  2. Foster a culture of work-life balance with remote access and flexible work options. 
  3. Cost savings by eliminating the need for extensive on-premises infrastructure and the on-going maintenance costs associated.  
  4. Scalability to evolve your WEM system as needed so you’re always aligned with the growth of your organization.  
  5. Data insights with access to vast amounts of data to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.  

While those benefits sound compelling, there remain many questions about what this journey to WEM in the cloud looks like. With Alvaria, we’ll work together to:  

  1. Assess your current landscape  
  2. We’ll begin with a thorough assessment of your existing systems and requirements, identify current pain points, understand the specific needs of your workforce, and envision your desired outcomes.  
  3. Select the right platform 
  4. Together, we’ll choose the right cloud service delivery for your organization by first considering factors such as scalability, security, and IT resources—whether it’s Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or a local cloud environment, you’re sure to find the option that works best for your needs. 
  5. Migration and integration  
  6. Once the cloud platform is selected, the migration process begins. This involves transferring existing data to the cloud while ensuring seamless integration with other business applications.  

Alvaria is a partner that will work together with you to provide better, more meaningful, and innovative engagement that will reduce necessary costs, scale better with you through the cloud, and provide peace-of-mind security with limited disruption to your day-to-day.  

The journey to WEM in the cloud is clearly a transformative one, reshaping how you manage your most valuable asset: your workforce. Embracing this journey isn’t just an investment in technology; it’s an investment in the future of work.  

Don’t miss out upcoming webinar, Embracing Your Journey to the Cloud, Wednesday, October 11th at 11:00 AM EDT/ 8:00 AM PDT. We’ll take a deeper dive into how making this shift can bring you the many benefits discussed above, and how we can revolutionize your organization together.  

Interested in starting the discussion on your journey to the cloud sooner? Contact us now.  

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