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Proactive Outreach Done Right

Oct 05, 2023, By Seth Millis

Lots of businesses rush into proactive outreach without thinking about what exactly that means. Let’s look at what proactive outreach done correctly can offer your business and your customer.

Yesterday, I checked an old email account. High Priority from the manufacturer: There’s a recall on my car. They’ve been trying to reach me via postal mail for the last few weeks with no response and this was their last attempt to contact me. If I continue driving, my warranty could be voided and I would be responsible for all repairs. I can certainly appreciate the heads up. Whew! The only problem is that I rarely use that email address, didn’t live at the address listed since 2007 and I haven’t owned the car that was subject to the recall since 2010.  

There’s a lot of businesses that rush into proactive outreach without thinking about what exactly that means. While we can certainly take liberties with what “proactive” means, let’s take a step back and look at what proactive outreach done correctly can offer your business and your customer.  

The most basic function of proactive outreach is to cement brand identity. Brand identity doesn’t require a product – simply a vision. Identity outreach should focus on your business value proposition, brand voice, and the key messages you want to convey. Identity doesn’t have to answer questions, but simply demonstrate a genuine interest in the customer's experience and needs. Some businesses use outreach marketing as an opportunity to provide value beyond immediate inquiries; think educational outreach: sharing tips, tutorials, or relevant audience interests. These strategies can empower customers with knowledge, positioning businesses themselves as trusted advisors, further solidifying the customer's faith in the brand. 

The cornerstone of effective and successful proactive outreach is personalization. When brands tailor their messages and touchpoints to the consumer's preferences and history with the business, it goes a long way in making the consumer feel valued and understood, establishing a significantly stronger connection. Thankfully, most businesses can now use CRM tools and platforms to provide maximum benefit to your customer. Whether respecting communication preferences, anticipating needs, or acknowledging and addressing concerns, it’s important to get the details right. Communication on every level should align with the consumer's preferences as well as ensure the accuracy of the data it contains. In other words, don’t wish me Happy Honda Days when you know my family celebrates Toyotathon. 

Proactive outreach requires that your business be clear about the purpose of the communication and to provide accurate information. While this may diminish sales opportunities, this creates an astonishing feedback loop that is invaluable for both the business and the customer. Unsurprisingly, this allows contact centers to anticipate and address customer needs before they occur or escalate. The cycle of outreach, feedback, and action strengthens the bond of trust and ensures that customer needs are met effectively. 

Outreach marketing also has tremendous value when it comes to resolution; with the ability to initiate touchpoints on potential issues, proactive outreach becomes a game-changer for consumer anxiety. Addressing concerns before they reach critical mass can demonstrate a genuine commitment to customer experience (CX). The outreach feedback loop circumvents this by ensuring that any potential or ongoing problems are addressed accurately and quickly. Timely, accurate communication reduces stress and demonstrates respect for the customer’s time and experience. 

The ultimate goal of proactive outreach however, is not just improve CX, but to position the contact center as a trusted partner in the customer's journey. Proactive outreach marketing requires an understanding of brand identity, personalization, data accuracy and a commitment resolution. Proactive strategy can help transform contact centers from service providers into subject matter experts. When your business can provide value in every interaction, you can create a feedback loop that fosters continuous improvement and strengthens trust while building relationships, not just transactions.  

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