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Proactive Outreach & Debt Collection Best Practices with Compliance Hub

Jul 23, 2021, By Legacy Post

Discover how the merger of Noble Systems and Aspect Software, now known as Alvaria, has established the ultimate leader in outbound compliance. Alvaria empowers businesses to connect with customers at the right time and through their preferred channels.

The merger of Noble Systems and Aspect Software – now Alvaria – has created the definitive leader in outbound compliance, thus allowing business to reach more customers at the right time, on their channel of choice.  

Aspect Unified IP is the premier enterprise contact center solution for high volume, compliant customer outreach. Aspect Unified IP powers millions of interactions every day and is utilized by more outbound contact centers than any other solution. Our product portfolio powers the world’s top brands with our best-of-breed Unified IP solution across a multitude of business verticals.  

For the first time in its 15-year history, Unified IP, Aspect’s premise inbound system,  is de-coupled from its outbound companion piece Advanced List Management (ALM) – though the two pieces remain bundled together. Advanced List Management version 21 becomes generally available on July 23, 2021, while Unified IP 7.4 Service Pack 2 becomes generally available July 30, 2021. To best support customers who are not yet ready to move their contact center system to the cloud, Unified IP 7.4 Service Pack 2 guarantees five years of support from general availability, unlike its predecessors’ three-year window of support. 

In our latest release, Unified IP 7.4 Service Pack 2 and Advanced List Management 21, Alvaria has set the focus largely on compliance: keeping companies’ outreach programs free from harassment complaints. You see, the majority of consumers today only want to be contacted when it’s timely and relevant – when something urgent arises or some form of action is required from them, for example, if fraudulent activity is detected on customer accounts, phone web, or utilities service will be interrupted, or missed payments. Customers want to be notified of those things as soon as possible.  

According to our 2020 Consumer Index Report, 41% of consumers prefer to be contacted by email so that they can respond on their own time and their own terms. 24% of consumers say they still prefer voice because it’s easier to handle more complex transactions when communicating directly person-to-person and 15% say they prefer SMS/text messages. However, once an organization knows they can consistently reach consumers on these alternate channels regularly, they tend to spam you with several messages. But how much is too much? 

This forces the hand of regulation. In October 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed several new rules augmenting the protections of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Specifically, regarding communications technology and strategies for debt collectors. Alvaria has made a commitment to deliver these enhancements in the new Alvaria Via Compliance Hub, Noble Contact Center and Premise Advanced List Management (ALM) prior to these rules taking effect in November 2021. 

The Compliance Hub product provides enterprise coordination for outbound engagement, and is applicable across all regulatory bodies, across international, national and regional compliance considerations; providing consumers what they need when it’s timely and relevant for your outbound communications strategies. Alvaria Compliance Hub features Attempts Tracking, Message Tracking, Convenient Time to Contact, Limited Content Message Tracking for every available channel. 

As the world recovers from those negatively impacted by the effects of COVID-19, the importance of outbound dialing and contact systems and collections will steadily rise across all industries. Alvaria offers the only comprehensive enterprise contact center solution that allows the world’s largest organizations to effectively conduct proactive outreach activities while maintaining compliance with complicated regional, local, and national regulatory requirements. Aspect Unified IP and Advanced List Management are well equipped to help organizations adapt to the challenges of the new compliance rules. 

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