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Preparing your Agents for New Outbound Challenges by Understanding EX

Jul 19, 2023, By Miriam Beattie

New outbound challenges require a highly engaged workforce. Let’s talk about how employee experience (EX) initiatives can effectively prepare agents for new outbound challenges.

Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of success in contact centers, as it directly impacts productivity, job satisfaction and customer experience. But new outbound challenges require a highly engaged workforce. Especially when you consider call centers are constantly exploring and implementing new methods of marketing and campaigns. Because these campaigns play a greater role in customer acquisition, sales and business growth, the outbound challenges will undoubtedly continue to evolve. Success of the contact center will remain dependent on the preparation and support of their agents. Let’s talk about how employee experience (EX) initiatives can effectively prepare agents for new outbound challenges.  

Agent well-being is a critical aspect of preparing them for new outbound challenges. A positive and supportive work environment is essential for agents to perform at their best and deliver exceptional customer experience (CX) and metrics. Organizations that understand a day in the life are more likely to prioritize EX initiatives that promote work-life balance, foster a culture of empathy and support, as well as ensure the physical and mental well-being of their agents. Work-life balance starts very easily. In our highly adaptable industry, flexible scheduling options can help agents manage their personal and professional responsibilities, reducing stress and burnout. As we’ve discussed before, you can create a supportive and empathetic culture through effective communication channels and open-door policies; allowing agents to voice their concerns, seek guidance and share best practices. Managers that listen to agents' feedback and provide constructive feedback can actively foster growth and development. 

A healthy and supportive work environment is only part of the equation. Effective training is the only way to ensure agents with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle new outbound challenges. Contact centers that invest in comprehensive training programs are best equipped to address the specific requirements of each outbound campaign. These programs should include product or service knowledge, sales techniques, objection handling and effective communication strategies. Simulations and role-playing exercises can help agents practice their skills in a controlled environment, leading to increased confidence in themselves and your product, call technique refinement and further personalization of services.  

The last piece of the EX puzzle is the ability to empower and prepare agents with the right tools and resources. Agents who connect, collaborate, and seek support from their peers foster a sense of belonging and teamwork. The increased AI and chatbot use within operations are the tools of the moment and will most likely drive contact centers into the future. The freedom afforded by AI, RPA and bots is increasing efficiency and reducing agent burnout, leading to increased job satisfaction and engagement. The now-standardization of data-driven insights means agents and administrators can make informed decisions, enhance customer engagement and improve campaign outcomes. 

Preparing contact center agents for new outbound challenges through EX methods is crucial for success. By investing in EX, call centers can create a motivated and empowered workforce that thrives in the face of outbound challenges and drives positive business outcomes. 

Understanding what it is your agents' experience is an ideal starting point for improvements and development of EX. When you understand what matters to your agents, you can provide them with valuable insights and guidance for improvement. Check out our eBook to learn more about what a day in the life of a contact center agent is like.  

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