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Alvaria News & Events: May 2023

May 25, 2023

Now Available: Alvaria Agent Index 2022 – Understanding What Your Agents Are Thinking

There is no doubt that your agents’ experience has a direct correlation to the experience your customers have. In partnership with Farrell Insight, we conducted our annual survey of over 500 agents to understand how their needs and preferences are changing.

We designed this report to help you shape a thriving contact center and the traits to look for when seeking or developing the highest-performing talent for your team.

The 2022 report contains eye-opening details and key takeaways you won’t want to miss.

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New eBook: A Day in The Life of a Contact Center Agent

Agents shouldn’t be bogged down by process and software complexity. It gets in the way of doing what they do best — connecting with customers. Technology and agents should work together to fuel positive connections with customers — helping agents spend less time worrying about procedures and more time solving problems

Check out our new eBook to see how AI-powered workforce engagement management solutions provide a foundation for agent success. Plus understand how these solutions enable agents to be productive and efficient in their fast-paced, demanding jobs

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Alvaria Education Services “Nuggets of Knowledge”

Did you know Alvaria Education Services has over 1,700 self-paced learning modules?

We’re changing the way we look at “self-paced" to help knowledge retention and time management. Soon, we will have Nuggets of Knowledge Learning Paths in our learning management system.

You may be asking, what is a Nugget of Knowledge? These are small three-to-five-minute interactive and fun topical-based classes grouped in a learning path. It is a watch-as-you-need concept.

Things to remember about Alvaria Education Services:

  • The prices displayed on classes are there to show you the ROI value without a learning subscription – you cannot be accidentally charged
  • We have hands-on labs with a premium subscription that you can register for to solidify the knowledge learned from classes
  • Students have access to lab systems in virtual instructor-led classes

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"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." — Benjamin Franklin


Avoiding Agent Burnout

Productivity is at an all-time high for a number of organizations. Between hybrid work and expanded benefits and increased profits, it’s becoming easier than ever to achieve work-life balance. This is great news for companies and management. An engaged and happy workforce can create great customer experiences and provide growth and leadership opportunities for your employees.

Working in a contact center can be an exceptionally difficult job, however. Agents can become emotionally and mentally exhausted and stressed; especially if they have to work long hours during peak times. Management, technology, equipment and training directly influence the employee experience. Failure to recognize the value of these needs or the warning signs of burnout can lead to dissension, churn, decrease in productivity, or the most over-hyped, insidious and treacherous workplace trend ever created: the dreaded “quiet quit…”

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How to Increase Patient Satisfaction in the Healthcare Industry with Proactive Outreach

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, patient satisfaction is becoming increasingly important. Patients want to feel valued and heard and they expect to receive personalized care. One way to ensure that patients are satisfied with their healthcare experience is through proactive outreach.

Proactive outreach happens when healthcare providers take the initiative to contact patients, rather than waiting for the patients to contact them. This can include SMS text reminders for appointments, email reminders to fill out consent forms, follow-up calls after appointments and check-ins to ensure that patients are managing their health conditions appropriately...

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Save the Date: Alvaria Product Roadmap Sessions

Mark your calendars now for our upcoming product roadmap sessions in the Accelerate Hub.This is your opportunity to hear directly from our product experts and understand what’s coming up and the direction our products are taking.

Make plans now to join us for the following sessions at 11:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT:

  • Wednesday, June 28th – Alvaria Outbound Solutions
  • Wednesday, July 19th – Alvaria Workforce Engagement Management
  • Tuesday, July 25th – Alvaria Intelligence VEA Solutions

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Upcoming Events

Webinar: Tips & Tricks: How to Get Started Building a Category to Surface Insights

June 6 – 11:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT

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Webinar: Journey from Noble CC Premise to Alvaria CX Suite™ Private Cloud

June 8 – 11:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT

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Webinar: Back to Basics: Alvaria Workforce™ – Forecasting

June 13 – 11:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT

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Webinar: Interactive Session – Get the Most Out of Engagement Analytics

June 14 – 11:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT

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In Person Event: Avaya Engage

June 18th – 21st – Orlando, Florida

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Webinar: Alvaria Outbound Product Roadmap

June 28 – 11:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT

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Webinar: Why the Back Office Is Key to Delivering on Customer Expectations

July 13 – 11:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT

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Webinar: Manage and Optimize Agent Performance in a Virtual Environment

July 18 – 11:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT

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See more webinars and upcoming events here.

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