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CX Your Customers will LOVE

Feb 14, 2022, By Maddy Hubbard

Discover How to Enhance Your Customer Experience through Employee Engagement, Gamification, Performance Management, and Quality Control.

Chances are, we’ve all had an amazing customer experience over the course of our lives. We likely told our friends, posted on social media and have had residual good feelings, also known as warm and fuzzies, when we think of the company. So much so, we’ve become staunchly loyal to that brand.   

It’s also a very real probability that we’ve all had a less than stellar experience, in which we’ve also told our friends, posted on social media and have had not so great feelings about the organization. And years later, we still avoid doing business with these companies at all cost. Not good.   

So, the million-dollar question is... 

– No, seriously, the answer to this question could literally save you big bucks in the long run – 

…What can you do to increase the likelihood of your customers experiencing the first scenario including the staunch loyalty, and repeat business?   

The answer may be easier than you think. Your agents are the key.   

A great customer experience starts with your workforce.   

Engage and motivate your agents. From recruiting and onboarding to time management, quality, and performance, increase focus on employees. This helps to elevate engagement, decrease attrition and empower employees with the tools needed to drive performance and customer satisfaction with the following tools:   


Using game mechanics to motivate and engage call center employees both intrinsically and extrinsically seamlessly aligns employee behaviors to company goals — resulting in improved employee retention, performance, customer satisfaction and profitability. 

Manage Performance 

To achieve business goals, it’s imperative to ensure your call center agents, managers and supervisors are in alignment. With performance management software, you can compute historical and real-time metrics and present them in ways most useful to the role of each user — allowing employees to understand where they need to take action for improvement – resulting in an improved customer experience.  

Quality Control 

Positive customer engagement calls for a strong emphasis on call center agent quality management. Integrating quality monitoring with recording and survey capabilities, allows for the identification of the most appropriate interactions, evaluation of agent performance and capturing real-time customer feedback to provide insight on both business issues and contact quality.

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