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Quality Process

Impact customer satisfaction, improve agent effectiveness and comply with legal requirements and security concerns with an effective way to assess quality of voice and text-based customer interactions.

Call Center Quality Management Made Easy

Effective customer engagement requires a strong emphasis on call center agent quality control. By integrating quality monitoring with recording and survey capabilities, you can identify the most appropriate interactions, evaluate agent performance and capture real-time customer feedback to provide insight on both business issues and contact quality.


Easily record, playback, stop, start and pause both two-sided voice and desktop interactions. Recording gives insights into the complete customer experience and helps improve agent quality and performance.


Robust evaluation tools give insights into the complete customer experience and help improve agent quality and performance. Voice and screen sessions can be recorded using Alvaria Recording and then evaluated with easily created dynamic evaluation forms.


To ensure all coaches are providing uniform measures for scoring, Alvaria Quality calibration interface includes workflow capability that automatically schedules all coaches to score certain pre-qualified calls, transfers the scoring requests to their work queues and gives a specific timeframe to perform the calibration scoring.


Agents can be given opportunities to self-evaluate by initiating coaching sessions where both the agent and supervisor can evaluate the same interaction and compare their scores online with the system’s calibration interface. Plus, involve customers in the quality process by combining scores with speech analytics.

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