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Behind the Scenes: Alvaria Wins the Customer Value Leadership Award

Dec 09, 2021, By Legacy Post

Learn why our omnichannel-compliant capabilities, AI-infused technology, and more set us apart. Let's talk about how Alvaria solutions can boost your customer experience and business success.

We couldn’t be more honored to be recognized this year by the team at Frost & Sullivan. Last night at the Best Practices Awards Gala in Orlando, Florida, we found ourselves in good company, surrounded by many talented and interesting attendees. What a great way to kick off the final few weeks of the year! 

It was clear to see that the programs selected by Frost & Sullivan were designed with great care to inspire the best possible customer experiences. Alvaria won the Customer Value Leadership Award for Outbound Campaign Management; other award recipients received accolades for the next generation of 911 services, advances in remote healthcare and sustainability in water technology, just to name a few.

This past year Frost & Sullivan analysts compared each of us to our market competition and measured our performance through in-depth interviews, analyses and extensive secondary research. They worked to identify best practices in our areas of expertise –in our case, the enterprise contact center.

In fact, Frost & Sullivan said in their full award write up that Alvaria provides one of the most complete outbound campaign management portfolios in the industry.  

Here’s an excerpt: “Enriched by an infusion of artificial intelligence technologies, Alvaria offers omnichannel-compliant outbound capabilities over voice, SMS, and email channels with support for all outbound engagement strategies and advanced list and campaign management tools for regulatory compliance and pacing options.” 

Frost & Sullivan also noted that Alvaria provides enterprise-grade outbound capabilities such as feature-rich campaign management, enterprise outbound engagement coordination, regulatory compliance tools and risk mitigation. 

Solutions reported as customer-friendly as well as best-of-breed include predictive dialing, blended processing, exclusion handling, switch number disposition, attempt record dial mode tracking and account owner time zone and multi-time zone support.

Alvaria also recently introduced innovations such as the Alvaria Compliance Hub and Alvaria Workforce Reserve, new supporting solutions for both inbound and outbound contact center operations.

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