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State Collection Service Inc. Case Study

Discover how a State collection Service partnered with Alvaria to utilize their employee engagement and motivation platform, garnering a significant increase in immediate pays for state collection.

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Summary of Results

Agents, Supervisors, Business Managers and Executives were provided a transparent view of the production landscape. The Company Goals that were outlined by the organization were clear and their progress was easily tracked. Healthy competition through transparency was evident in Contests and Duels which instantly improved productivity and efficiency. Rewarding agents with the Auction mechanism to redeem prizes for points ensured that the value of point achievement remained high. Integrated Coaching allowed Supervisors to immediately engage Agents specifically related to their progress toward the highly visible Company Goals. Internal resources at State Collection were highly engaged in the platform which played a vital role in the success of agent and supervisor engagement. In summary utilizing Alvaria Motivate generated a significant increase in Immediate Pays for State Collection.

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