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Now Available: Alvaria Advanced Outreach™ 23

Apr 27, 2023, By Gabby Duray

Advanced Outreach greatly improves outbound dialer capabilities - developing, deploying and analyzing outbound contact strategies, increasing contact rates using features such as best time to call, attempt tracker & customer contact preferences.

Having the right strategy in place is key to any business, but it’s imperative when it comes to contacting customers proactively. Advanced Outreach can help organizations greatly improve the capabilities of their outbound dialer by developing, deploying and analyzing outbound contact strategies. This can increase positive outcomes with better connect and contact rates by using features such as best time to call, attempt tracker and customer contact preferences.  

With multiple channel options including voice, SMS/text and email you have the power to contact customers on the channel that they prefer. To add on to the efficiencies, the system also allows you to leverage data in a useful and meaningful way. For example, you can empower your agents by providing a preview of account information before your agents get in contact with a customer. Additionally, Advanced Outreach helps you to define compliance rules that match laws, regulations and your business rules allowing you to comply thus avoid fines and lawsuits – all while avoiding overcompliance. 

You may be wondering about some of the ways contact centers are using Alvaria Advanced Outreach. There are a number of use cases including appointment and payment reminders, payment notifications, fraud alerts, upcoming events and sales announcements and critical notifications such as power outages, just to name a few...   

Alvaria Advanced Outreach helps improve agent efficiency at organizations across the globe, making the most out of agent time and capacity with tools that will reduce agent idle time and abandon rates simultaneously. Plus, administrative productivity improves, allowing administrators to focus on higher priority tasks by using automation and template features.   

Last week, Alvaria Advanced Outreach 23, the latest on-premises release of Alvaria’s enterprise-level centralized record management system for outbound contacts, became generally available. The rebranded and updated version of our Aspect® Advanced List Management® (ALM) product, Alvaria Advanced Outreach 23 includes new and improved features delivering the following key customer benefits:  

Attempt Tracker Across Multiple Channels 

The Attempts Tracker functionality enables you to track attempts across more than one contact channel.  

For example, customer contact could be limited to four attempts per week across SMS and phone calls. Each SMS contact and phone call would count towards the limit of four. This feature enables you to ensure your outbound customer communications are always within compliance, reducing costly risk and ensuring high customer satisfaction. 

Attempts/Message Tracker – 0 Attempt Rules 

Attempt Tracker and Message Tracker gives you the ability to configure rules for records with zero attempts or messages. You can restrict even the first requested attempt/message against the matching criteria. This allows you to leverage the additional criteria available within the Attempt and Message Tracker tools, such as GeoCodes, to control exclusions. This feature gives you more flexibility and customizations when it comes to exclusions, which means you can be confident that you are not contacting the customers whom you do not want to or shouldn’t contact. 

Recall Rules for Single Number Records 

Disposition plans offer the ability to configure rules that apply to records with a single valid number in the current dial sequence. This brings more advanced capabilities and ease of use, so you don’t have to segment these “single valid number” records into a separate list. 

For example, on records with more than one valid number in a dial sequence you may choose to switch to the next number on a “no answer” disposition, but for records with only a single valid number you may choose to redial the number with a different redial time. This feature creates a more efficient outbound calling workflow for your contact center agents, so they can connect with more customers and generate more positive outcomes. 

Global Catalog LDAP 

Advanced Outreach will now support a Global Catalog for LDAP which references other domain components within the customer environment that provide LDAP service. This allows users with specific LDAP implementations to interface directly with their authentication servers and enables quicker authentication of users across multiple domains. 

If you’d like to learn more about Alvaria Advanced Outreach 23, join us for the Alvaria Accelerate Webinar: What You Need to Know – Alvaria Advanced Outreach 23, Tuesday, May 23, 2023, 11:00 AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT. 

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