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Manage Outbound Contact Regulations and Risk Without Sacrificing Productivity

Apr 07, 2022, By Legacy Post

Stay ahead in the evolving call center landscape with Alvaria's best-of-breed solutions, leveraging AI for natural conversations and efficient operations. Adapt to remote and hybrid models while simplifying campaign management and enhancing automation.

As the world leader in outbound contact center solutions, we know the value of tools specifically designed to help boost productivity without generating unnecessary expenses. When combined with an auto dialer, omnichannel inbound contact management, customer journey management, and  workforce engagement management tools (WEM), your outbound operations can supercharge customer engagement and reduce costs while remaining decisively complaint. 

Call center and marketing strategy has exploded in 2022 with advances in omnichannel and self-service trending massively. But ignoring outbound functionality and opportunities is a recipe for failure; especially with increased productivity, service satisfaction, and recovered debt and sales revenues being reported across markets. Alvaria is responding to this emerging omnichannel reality with best-of-breed outbound dialing multi-channel contact capabilities. Through the continued use and improvement of AI, outbound platforms can produce natural conversations and efficient, compliant client resolution. Our clients who utilize AI efficiently across channels demonstrate increases in agent productivity, decreases in transfers and escalations, and significant downtick in time spent by supervisors assisting contact center agents. An intelligent digital outbound strategy not only helps you remain compliant and efficient but combined with WEM across channels, means that you can better predict who and what call center agents you will need to schedule in advance. This in turn provides the ability to create alerts and trigger workflows based on KPI thresholds such as schedule adherence, shrinkage and service level.

Contact centers have discovered tremendous outbound opportunities in remote and hybrid operations. As we’ve seen in the last two years, many of the existing WEM assumptions, rules, and parameters should be re-examined. With the burden of relocation, staffing management, and general global confusion, organizational and technological management teams have struggled at times to assist the front line. Automation is key to making the SOP and data generated by your call center manageable; especially to agents. The simplification and efficiency of campaign and list management, and the strategic implementation of automation can do wonders for your call center and your metrics.

As the regulatory picture for debt collection changes, Alvaria outbound solutions – purpose-built to help customers balance productivity with regulatory compliance – are designed to meet the needs of your customers and your organization. When every interaction contains traps and pitfalls for your organization, enterprises are struggling with how to engage with customers without fear of legal retribution. Increased touchpoints provide increased opportunities for communications compliance and violations, so strategic outbound oversight must be handled delicately. Laws vary greatly by region, state, and country; and more stringent proposals are always being drafted. Outbound digital and omnichannel give companies the ability to stay in contact with the consumer while ensuring that the ever-changing regulatory landscape is respected and applied. 

The possibilities are endless when your company can manage calling regulations and risk around the world without sacrificing productivity. Our patented tools help you manage your operations in accordance with regulatory and industry guidelines. Our compliance tools power many of the largest and most well-known organizations in the world. With over 200 patents, Alvaria offers best-in-class outbound dialing solutions that solve the more difficult compliance issues; providing the unique ability to support multiple business objectives without constant oversight.

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