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Future Proof Your Contact Center with Workforce Automation

Mar 15, 2023, By Courtney Cox

Discover how AI-powered automation is reshaping the workforce, and why Alvaria Real Time Optimizer is the key to success. Learn about workforce management automation and our pilot program. Start your digital transformation journey today.

By 2024, Gartner predicts 69% of work will be automated. There's no doubt that the world of work has changed forever – and technology is the answer to the demands of the ever-evolving fast-paced society. As intelligent and innovative AI-powered automation solutions continue to emerge – it’s clear that organizations need to rethink how work is done within their business. 

Automation may sound intimidating, but in order to survive and stay competitive, organizations must be open to change. Alvaria likes to think of automation as collaborative intelligence. Think about it – AI, or bots, are hard-wired to perform specific and structured tasks – which is great for people because bots can do the heavy lifting. But bots can’t perform or reciprocate human skills like creativity, emotions or critical thinking. AI is really meant to fuel human potential in supportive ways that allow our workforce to focus on more meaningful responsibilities like customer relationships.  

If you’re one of the many ready to embark on a digital transformation initiative, workforce management automation may be the best place to start. 

What is Workforce Management Automation?  

To leverage workforce automation, it’s imperative for call centers to have a workforce management solution in place. Workforce management is a tool that allows organizations to gain insights and increase productivity and performance in areas such as training, scheduling, agent activity tracking, data collection, forecasting, analytics and more. Workforce management automation means layering workforce automation software to previous manual processing of the information housed in your workforce management solution. 

While we may think our workforce gurus know what choices they should make to improve efficiency and engagement; people just can’t process all the data fast enough to make well-informed business decisions. By relying on manual processes, contact centers are losing opportunities to meet agent and customer demands. 

Alvaria Real Time Optimizer 

Designed to integrate seamlessly with Alvaria Workforce or other supported major ACD vendors, Alvaria Real Time Optimizer allows contact centers to process their high-volume workforce data in real-time, like calls in queue, net staffing, schedule details, agent state and more to intelligently determine and direct each agent’s activity to maximize productivity and engagement and produce immediate results. Alvaria Real Time Optimizer helps contact centers:  

  • Improve Engagement: Automatically monitor agent idle time and deliver training, coaching, work updates, surprise breaks, birthday or work anniversary wishes, or other tasks or personalized messages when service levels can accommodate.  
  • Simplify Staffing: Using real-time staffing data, centers can automatically monitor call volume and schedule data to ensure appropriate staffing, notify supervisors when an agent is late for their shift, offer voluntary time off (VTO) or overtime and react to customer-agent volume fluctuations—matching agent supply with customer demands. 
  • Automate Schedule Adherence: Prompt agents into their designated breaks or end-of-day tasks before a potential long call creates adherence issues. 
  • Enhance Call Handling: Send agents a helping hand or reminder to return to work when they go beyond pre-determined thresholds for ACW or hold times.  

Did You Know?  

Alvaria is offering a pilot program to allow you to experience the proven value and financial savings that come along with our workforce automation solution, Alvaria Real Time Optimizer. Start the discussion today to find out if the program is right for your organization.  

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