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Reduce operating costs, keep agents productive and engaged and enhance the end-customer experience with Alvaria Real Time Optimizer — our real-time call center automation solution.

Relying on manual processes is costing your contact center the opportunity to meet agent and customer demands. Now’s the time to leverage automation.

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Optimization of Your Workforce Made Easy

With massive amounts of data generated every second — including calls in queue, net staffing, schedule details, agent state and so much more — there’s more data than anyone can process manually and it’s costing organizations lost time, opportunities and dollars. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Alvaria Workforce, our Real Time Optimizer allows contact centers to process high-volume data in real-time to intelligently determine — and direct — each agent’s activity to maximize productivity and engagement and produce immediate results.

Key Differentiators

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Make adjustments automatically throughout the day in the contact center by processing millions of workforce data points by the second.

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Seamlessly integrate with Alvaria Workforce and several major ACD vendors.

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Use Cases

Many available use cases help drive significant cost savings and dramatically impact agent engagement.

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Tailor to Subsets

Tailor automations to granular subsets of the agent population (e.g., agents who service Queue A with a tenure of less than 90-days).

Key Components

Improved Engagement

Automatically deliver and administer development tasks in real-time when service levels can accommodate. *Schedules are updated automatically.


Aggregate idle time and automatically push training directly to agent desktops.

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RTO Alert: Training Session Interrupt

Automate the process of connecting agents with supervisors for real-time coaching sessions.

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Deliver work updates, system incident communications, or off-phone tasks to agents at appropriate times.

RTO Alert: Coaching Session

Offer agent breaks, birthday wishes, or other personalized messages with clear insights into center conditions.

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Improve Adherence

Ensure agents are on schedule, reduce data entry, and save management time. *Schedules are updated automatically.

Schedule Adherence

Proactively prompt agents into their lunch, break, or end-of-shift before a long call creates adherence issues.

RTO Alert: Lunch Break
AUX State Adherence

Push agents to return to the appropriate state to take inquiries and notify supervisors for immediate intervention.

RTO Alert: Return to Calls

Simplify Staffing

Keep labor costs in check and ensure rapid staff adjustments to meet demands. *Schedules are updated automatically.


Monitor volume and the need for intraday staffing adjustments by automatically proposing VTO and VOT.

RTO Alert: Overtime Opportunity
Attendance Status

Immediately notify supervisors and update schedules when agents are late or fail to show up for their shift.

RTO Alert: Agent Attendance

Enhance Call Handling

Monitor agent state and send alerts when pre-set thresholds are exceeded. *Schedules are updated automatically.

Handle Time

Monitor agent state (talk time, hold time, after-call work) for individual calls, days or weeks to identify patterns that coaches can use to enhance performance.

RTO Alert: Hold Assistant
RTO Alert: ACW Assistant
Off-Phone Activity

When established thresholds are breached, prompt agents with a helping hand or a reminder to return to helping customers.

RTO Alert: Review Email

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What People are Saying

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"In today’s world, organizations must stay abreast of the latest innovations to maintain competitiveness and profitability. Without an investment into advanced AI technologies, companies will be left behind. The introduction of Alvaria Real Time Optimizer is part of our commitment to providing world-class solutions to the enterprise market, with improved employee experience and creating a more efficient process for the call center."

Michael Harris
Alvaria CPO and CMO

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"Contact centers are looking for technical innovations to help them improve and optimize the experience of customers and agents. This product is designed to help contact centers find and re-allocate agent down-time so that it can be used productively. It empowers companies to respond on a timely basis to the natural dynamics of contact centers, giving them a strategic advantage."

Donna Fluss
President, DMG Consulting

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