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Elevate Customer and Employee Experiences: CIOReview Names Alvaria a Most Promising Gamification Solutions Provider for 2022

Jan 19, 2022, By Courtney Cox

Discover how gamification solutions transform call center performance. Improve employee engagement, reduce attrition, and deliver outstanding customer interactions.

Competitive products and services are no longer enough to ensure a company’s success. The experiences customers have when interacting with an organization can make or break a business. Many organizations are beginning to understand that their employees’ satisfaction has a direct correlation to their customers’ satisfaction.  

Our research has shown that 71% of all employees are not engaged while at work and the average call center has a 26% attrition rate. Because call center agents are often the first point of contact, ensuring their satisfaction is imperative in achieving a stellar customer experience. Gamification is one way to do this. Using game mechanics to motivate and engage call center employees both intrinsically and extrinsically seamlessly aligns employee behaviors to company goals. Alvaria Motivate helps to engage employees with contests, recognition and rewards. 

Learn why CIOReview has named Alvaria a Most Promising Gamification Solutions Provider for 2022.  

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