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Alvaria Engagement Analytics Product Updates March 2023

Mar 30, 2023, By Courtney Cox

We’re excited to share the March 2023 enhancements to Alvaria Engagement Analytics. This new release focuses on understanding customer emotion, like satisfaction and churn, as well as identifying areas of improvement to drive positive CX.

Post-pandemic, it’s clear that customers want to engage with organizations through a host of different channels. But with different channels comes the increasingly difficult ability to maintain a high standard of quality. Because of this, the contact center has become the focus point for ensuring excellent customer experiences and smooth customer journeys. 

With a holistic view into 100% of speech and text interactions, Alvaria Engagement Analytics, an AI-fueled solution, works as an extension to any quality management process to uncover valuable insights into agent quality, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction across all communication channels. A true and unified view of the full customer journey. 

What’s New with the Alvaria Engagement Analytics 2023.03 Release? 

With a new 2023.03 product update release, we’re excited to share continued enhancements to Alvaria Engagement Analytics that help meet individual organizational needs and drive transformational business value. This new release focuses on understanding customer emotion, like satisfaction and churn, as well as identifying areas of improvement to drive positive CX. 

  • Enhanced speaker level metrics – Agitation and Message Total  
  • This release gives our users more granularity and insight at the speaker level so more insights can be derived from conversations. 
  • Example: a longer message on the customer side may mean an issue wasn’t resolved the first time, or a customer is having difficulty communicating the issue to the agent. Users can access these new measures in the Analyze advanced filter or metadata list. By gaining deeper insight into customer interactions, organizations can make more informed assumptions about human emotion, improve their decision-making and more. 
  • Capitalization (Casing) for display in text contacts 
  • Capitalization will now be preserved in non-audio text contacts including chat, email, SMS and other text-based interactions. These casing capabilities will now be displayed in Analyze, delivering cleaner text-based processes, such as being used in conjunction with manual quality assurance. 
  • Example: Quality Assurance teams can easily read through transcripts and better understand the context of a certain text transcript, gaining insight into exactly how a customer wrote something. The casing feature also offers insight into agent quality such as professionalism and will capitalize areas for coaching and improvement in their typing. 
  • Resolved issues 
  • Score buildings can now assign point value equal to the maximum points for a given indicator 
  • Left pane is again honoring selected date formats for systems migrated to optimize search 
  • Real-time calls that fail post-call mining will now be retried successfully 

Current Alvaria Engagement Analytics users are encouraged to join us for a tips and tricks webinar on June 6, 2023, to learn how to build Categories to better understand what’s happening in your contact center. Register for our Accelerate platform for access to our webinars and extensive on demand library. 

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