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Alvaria team honored with best ROI forecasting award by ROI Institute

Jun 14, 2024, By Courtney Cox

We're immensely proud of our team that has received the Best ROI Forecasting Award by the ROI Institute. Something worth celebrating!

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We’re thrilled to announce that two outstanding members of the Alvaria team have been honored with the Best ROI Forecasting Award by the prestigious ROI Institute. This recognizes individuals who have conducted ROI forecasts prior to implementing our Workforce Engagement Management solutions.

The recipients of this award are Gail McWhorter, Sales Enablement Manager, and Erin Smith, Solutions Architect, both based in the US. Their exceptional work in developing a robust and reliable ROI forecasting process has set a new standard within Alvaria and within the workforce technology space.

We’re committed to creating value for our clients through innovative WEM solutions and our ROI forecasting process is a testament to this commitment. Our team’s methodology is not only credible but also conservative and consistent, adhering to the high standards set by the ROI Institute.

This process plays a crucial role in highlighting the value in our clients' investments by providing them with clear, data-driven insights into the potential returns on their investments. By forecasting ROI before implementation, we help our clients make informed decisions that drive success and efficiency in their operations.

“Alvaria has created a credible, conservative, and consistent ROI forecasting process that is used to convince clients to pursue their workforce engagement systems.” - ROI Institute

We know well that the narrative around measuring quality of customer experience can be traditionally boring but the impact that quality has on business is crucial. Embracing technology can make it fun and engaging. This case study shares how a Detroit-based customer engagement solution provider transformed their quality measurements from dull to thrilling with Alvaria Motivate and speech analytics.

Our team delightfully demonstrates our dedication to innovative and creative solutions when it comes to connecting our customers with impactful results. Congratulations to our award-winning team members for setting a new benchmark in ROI forecasting and for their invaluable contributions to our clients and company.

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