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Alvaria is Prioritizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Mar 21, 2022, By Legacy Post

Discover how Alvaria prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace. Explore insights from leaders like Glennice James, Doreen Immanuel, Angela Zywiciel, and India Pezzi, as they share their perspectives on inclusion.

Alvaria is in the business of workforce engagement. With our WEM expertise, we know for a fact that diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments matter. Organizations that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) have better financial outcomes, happier and more loyal employees, and stronger communication and innovation. McKinsey’s Diversity Wins report shows that the greater the diversity, the higher the likelihood of outperformance.  

 Alvaria is committed to making DE&I a priority. We have recently announced the creation of a committee, open to all employees, that will focus on DE&I initiatives. In addition, we are currently running a world-class managers program for our brightest leaders to ensure the values of diversity, equity and inclusion are clearly communicated throughout the organization. In honor of Women’s History Month, our most recent panel focused on women in the workplace. The panel was led by women from diverse backgrounds discussing the importance of these core values, and how these values have impacted their careers. In their own words, they shared what inclusion means to them. 

Glennice James, PMP, VP of Alvaria’s Global Cloud Deployments and Scripting Team, is passionate about self-initiative, delivery, mentoring and coaching for productive results. According to Glennice:

“Inclusion is simply accepting everyone for who they are and working together in a collaborative respectful manner to create win/win results. As our elders taught us, let’s treat others BETTER than the way we want to be treated! As we work with internal and external customers globally, it’s important to avoid unconscious bias.”  

Doreen Immanuel, Engineering Manager at Alvaria, has been in the telecom world for 15 years and graduated from Texas A&M with a Masters in Engineering. Doreen had this to say: 

"Inclusion is when everyone is accepted as they are. Where talent is treated fairly and respectfully without discrimination. A place where all employees are given the same opportunities, are heard and valued.”

Angela (Seydel) Zywiciel, Vice President, Education Services at Alvaria also had some insights on inclusion: 

“For me, inclusion means to embrace all people as they are. We should accept and view the difference everyone brings to an organization as an opportunity to expand our own knowledge and skills. It is an opportunity to celebrate uniqueness without bias while maintaining equality for all.” 

India Pezzi, Senior Director, Cloud Fin Ops, had this to say about inclusion: 

“I don’t try to be ‘one of the guys.’ I try to be part of the team. And that’s what I ask of my colleagues and of leadership. I ask them to see me as part of the team.” 

We’re committed to ensuring a diverse, inclusive and equitable place to work. As our world-class managers grow and communicate these values, we look forward to seeing DE&I becoming an integral part of our corporate culture. 

About Sweety: Sweety is responsible for Global Human Resources at Alvaria where she started her journey in January 2020. Sweety brings 18+ years of experience as a human capital management leader. Her focus is on partnering with the business across the employment lifecycle with key contributions in the areas of organization development, change management, talent growth and development and enhancing productivity. Sweety’s strength lies in out-of-the-box thinking, conceptualizing for faster  adoption and ultimately execution that drives results. 

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