Alvaria Engagement Analytics Product Updates April 2023

May 4, 2023, 20:44 PM by Courtney Cox

Within the call center, feedback is essential when it comes to understanding how well we are meeting our customer needs and expectations. By leveraging Alvaria Engagement Analytics, we can collect and analyze analytics and data across all interaction channels to identify areas for improvement and to understand customer behavior and preferences – all of which allows us to create more personalized and engaging experience that drives loyalty, retention and revenue.  

Because we understand the importance of customer feedback, the latest product enhancements in our 2023.04 release are a direct result of customer requests. This month, we’re focused on our Analyze product. Read on to learn more about our April release and updates: 


New Speaker Measures 
Talk time by percentage and duration 

We're introducing two new audio measures: Talk time by percentage and duration for both the customer and the agent. In the contact center, many organizations have a goal to decrease average talk time due to the positive outcomes of greater efficiency, customer satisfaction and cost. Through these new measures, centers can realize a depth of insight they weren’t able to before. For example, measuring talk time by percentage can give managers a better idea of how agents spend their time overall, either on calls or on after-call work. This allows centers to improve efficiency and overall CX by gaining insight into talk time. 

View Speaker Name 
Ability to view speaker name in the player bar 

In addition to measures, speaker names are now displayed in the player bar. This, in addition to the new ways analysts can view talk time, delivers deep understanding of different speakers and their actions. All of these details provide Alvaria Engagement Analytics users with the deepest analytical capabilities possible.  

You spoke and we listened! As a company, we're committed to taking our users' feedback seriously and continually strive to create a better product that meets your needs. Outside of our new features available for April mentioned above, we also have a few product improvements to share:  

Optimized Search  
General status update 

We’re excited to announce the transition to Optimized Search is complete and all customers across all regions have been migrated.

Resolved Issues 
Update of fixed faults 


  • Agent Assist Usage Tracking report export no longer errors out due to time format discrepancies 

  • Hierarchy user alignment modifications are now saved in all scenarios 


  • Searches containing both alert filters and non-alert filters no longer error out 

  • Contact Count Trend Chart (in search) now honors search results when providing comparison options 


  • Payments Solution enhanced to minimize false positives around CVV codes 

  • Emotions Solution enhanced to minimize false positives around shock 

  • Procedures Solution enhanced to minimize false positives around email verifications 

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