Collection Center Solutions

Spend less and recover more. Alvaria collection center solutions give you the tools to enhance the productivity of your collectors, save resources, create a better consumer experience and improve your overall debt recovery results.

A Solution For All Your Collection Center Challenges

Our robust suite of tools helps you address the daily challenges you face in your collection contact center, from managing lists and compliance to streamlining collector activities for faster services and a better experience.

Increase Conversion Rates

Predictive analytics determine who to contact, when to contact them and how to contact them to get your desired result, helping you achieve higher contact and conversion rates.

Improve Right-Party Contacts

Advanced dialing algorithms, superior tone and voice detection and additional sophisticated features ensure that collectors can reach more live, qualified parties.

A Unified, Omnichannel Operation

Collectors can handle inbound and outbound voice and non-voice contacts at the same time to make the most of collector utilization and increase efficiency while managing service levels.

Optimize Collector Capacity

Automated messaging and self-service tools provide customers with account details and let them process payments or update contact information, without tying up a collector.

Maximize Debt Recovery Performance

Build workflows, control resources, monitor real-time quality and performance and create custom reports without comprehensive collection contact center management suite – without require high-level IT experts.

Manage Regulatory Compliance

Solutions such as Alvaria Compliance include patented tools to help you manage your operations while following regulatory and industry guidelines, including wireless dialing, ANI broadcasting, abandonment rates, calling hours, nuisance calls, dual consent, data security, DNC, FDCPA, FTC, TSR, TCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, Ofcom, ACMA and more.

Streamline Collector Workflows

Increase collector efficiency by consolidating multiple, separate applications - including call scripts, call utilities, collection software, databases and more - into a single workspace.

Industry-Leading Features to Maximize Collections Performance

Our products and solutions help your collection agents get better results – whether for in-house first-party services or third-party agencies. Let us help you tailor a solution for your specific business needs.

Flexible Dialing Plans & Modes

Create custom dialing plans to contact different numbers from a customer record and choose dialing modes for individual campaigns or different collector groups.

Customer Contact Management

Use Account Ownership to improve collector productivity by helping collectors build relationships with customers and increase payment rates.

Intelligent Inbound Routing

Our advanced routing tools use skills, caller ID and menu prompts, to provide faster, more responsive service for inbound contacts to improve service levels and first-call resolutions while reducing costs.

Multi-Channel Blending

Dynamically and fluidly move collectors between inbound and outbound voice and non-voice contacts to reduce the costs of maintaining separate collector groups and optimize utilization.

Premium Customer Experience Example Demonstration

Financial Services: Credit Card Collections Process

You are a customer of Monument Bank and have a credit card account with an outstanding balance. As a convenience to their customers, Monument Bank offers an interactive service that provides notifications about their account balance, and alerts customers about upcoming payment due dates. Customers have the option to confirm, schedule and pay their balances and connect to a live bank representative if they have further questions—all through SMS. You opted in to this service and have used it previously so you have it saved in your contacts.

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