Alvaria Cloud New Features Being Released in January 2022

Alvaria is committed to providing our customers with industry-leading contact center solutions that help you efficiently run your large call center while also delivering seamless customer and agent experiences. Here’s a list of the new Alvaria Cloud capabilities coming in January 2022.

Please note: this is a living document subject to change. Features may be added or removed prior to official release.

Reporting  |  Alvaria Cloud CX  |  Alvaria Quality


New Historical Customer Experience Reports to help with administration, application development and analysis
New reports include:

  • Backend Status and Error Codes (Administration and Maintenance)
  • Call Volume by Quarter of Hour (Administration and Maintenance)
  • Exit Type Distribution (Application Development and Tuning)
  • Exit Types Trend (Application Development and Tuning)
  • Recognition Quality (Application Development and Tuning)
  • Caller Frequency (Business and Caller Analysis)
  • Repeat Caller (Business and Caller Analysis)

Numerous WhatsApp and User Work Type changes to enhance reporting
Multiple enhancements including chat work type configuration to receive WhatsApp messages, updated formulas for Work Type Summary calculations and updated Total Interactions Per Minutes format for the User Work Type Summary Report.

Alvaria Cloud CX

CX Design Usability Enhancements
Changes include dropdown list alphabetical sorting, new data columns, movement of agents in callback to an email address-based display.

CX Server Flexibility Additions
Flexibility added to parameter labels.

Alvaria Quality

Evaluation Detail Report enhancement with Total Response
New Total Response column in the Evaluation Detail Report enhances the display and understanding of possible answer choices.

API improvement for more flexible reporting and analysis
New searchByEndDateTime parameter added to the Quality API Retrieve Recordings feature.


For complete information on the latest feature updates, view the Alvaria Cloud Platform New Feature Update Release Note.