Alvaria Cloud New Features Being Released in February 2022

Alvaria is committed to providing our customers with industry-leading contact center solutions that help you efficiently run your large call center while also delivering seamless customer and agent experiences. Here’s a list of the new Alvaria Cloud capabilities coming in February 2022.

Please note: this is a living document subject to change. Features may be added or removed prior to official release.

Reporting  |  Compliant Outreach  |  Alvaria Cloud Self-service

Reporting / Alvaria View

WhatsApp Enhancements to Chat
Alvaria Cloud chat worktypes can now be configured to receive WhatsApp messages.

Compliant Outreach

Automation Schedule Time Zone Flexibility Added
The Outreach Automation scheduled now dynamically tied to the Account Owner time zone.

New Enhanced Limited Contact Message (LCM) Support and Enhanced Messaging
Use Outreach and Ehub together to play a Limited Content Message (LCM)as an alternative to a “Standard” message.

Alvaria Cloud Self-Service

Sample Chat Application Now Available in Multiple Languages
Add multi-lingual chat support to your visitor’s experience starting from the Basic Routing Chat application now available in Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.


For complete information on the latest feature updates, view the Alvaria Cloud Platform New Feature Update Release Note.