Alvaria Compliance

Software for Compliant
Proactive Engagement, Outreach
and High-Touch Customer Care

Alvaria Voice Agent gives you the power to improve the productivity and effectiveness of your outbound call center and blended contact campaigns. No matter whether your campaign goals are customer acquisition, collections, growth, retention or something else, we can help you get to your goals quickly and efficiently.

Keep Your Customers Engaged with Compliant Outbound

Proactive outreach is fundamental to keeping customers engaged, informed and on schedule for appointments, bill payments or other events and activities. Alvaria leads the outbound dialer market with call center compliance capabilities that power automated compliant campaigns and high-touch proactive customer care.

Differentiate Service with Automated Campaigns

Enable outbound call management, list control, workflow management and database integration through our predictive dialing and outbound dialing capabilities.

Comply with Outbound Calling Regulations

Alvaria call center compliance solutions increase contact rates, enhance agent productivity, improve service satisfaction rates and lower costs—all while helping you comply with increasingly complex regulatory requirements like TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), Ofcom (Office of Communications Act in the U.K.) and other regulations.

Enterprise Outreach Coordination

Alvaria Compliance Hub is central hub for enterprise outbound environments, coordinating outbound engagement activity across the enterprise from the Alvaria on-premises and cloud call center compliance software Cloud and third-party applications.

Increase Right Party Contacts

With government restrictions on contacts, including rules requiring consent, improving right party contacts while adhering to regulations has become a challenge. Increase right party contacts and maximize agent efficiency with tools such as answering machine detection, right party verification and convenient time to call rules.

Maximize List Penetration

Run contact records from multiple lists simultaneously and prioritize which list(s) should be dialed or contacted more frequently with escalation and recall rules based on urgency. Rapidly adjust your business processes to accommodate new campaigns, regulations or other proactive engagement strategies.

Increase Agent Productivity

Reduce both agent idle time & abort rate by providing only dialable and compliance cleared records. Prioritize highest value accounts across multiple agent workgroups and leverage FastPath for time-sensitive voice and SMS outreach.

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