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Get all the latest features and capabilities to take advantage of contact center efficiencies and deliver customer experiences that result in improved satisfaction, increased revenue and streamlined operations.

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Aspect Unified IP, available as an on-premises or private cloud solution, is an advanced enterprise contact center solution that helps organizations improve customer engagement and recover more debt, all while reducing costs.

Alvaria has committed to supporting Aspect Unified IP 7.4 Service Pack 2 for five years from general availability. Current customers, plan your upgrade to 7.4 today to take advantage of the cost, compliance and performance improvements.

CFPB Compliance Enhancements

Balance compliance with Agent productivity to ensure outbound engagement success with the most up-to-date CFPB regulations in this release.

New and Improved User Experience

Unified Director has been modernized into a more user-friendly dashboard, enhancing the navigation, reporting, agent activity, testing, recording and chat UI experience.

Updated Third-party Components

Stay current and compliant with updates and patches provided by third-party components. Reduce security and malware risks and third-party component EOL risks.

Improved Unified Media Servers

Keep critical telephony/media services and customer engagement channels available. Unified Media Servers are required for Aspect Unified IP 7.4 and above and offer more than double the capacity of legacy TMS/DCP servers.

UMS Stereo Recording Support

Experience significant cost savings from stereo recording capabilities! This new feature eliminates the need to convert from mono to stereo for analytics and analysis.

Multichannel Choice, Omnichannel Experiences

Support multichannel routing capabilities and omnichannel customer interactions across voice, email, IM, web chat and SMS. Allow agents to communicate in multi-session engagements across channels. One voice, and up to seven additional text-based channels.

Enhanced Outbound Capabilities

As the gold standard for outbound contact management, this Aspect Unified IP release delivers even more outbound capabilities to an already robust set of tools.

Modern Self-Service

Aspect Unified IP plus Alvaria CXP equals better customer experiences. Seamlessly add modern self-service capabilities like contemporary IVR bots - voice and text with natural language understanding capabilities for conversational dialogues.

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