Alvaria Cloud New Features Being Released in September 2022

Alvaria is committed to providing our customers with industry-leading contact center solutions that help you efficiently run your business while also delivering seamless customer and agent experiences. Review this list of new Alvaria Cloud capabilities available in September 2022.

Please note: this is a living document subject to change. Features may be added or removed prior to official release.

Alvaria Cloud - Platform  |  Alvaria View

Alvaria Cloud - Platform

Server Messaging API
API documentation and endpoints now allow customers to integrate third party application(s) within Alvaria View.

For example, if you would like to “bring your own” webchat platform, you can now integrate third party webchat platforms with Alvaria Cloud.

New User Interface Language Localization – German
Agents and other users are now able to see most elements in CX Designer, CX Commander and CX Business User Interface (BUI) in German , by selecting the German language option in browser settings.

This is helpful if you have users that prefer their user interface to be in German.

Alvaria View

OAuth2 Requirement for Microsoft Office 365 Users
Microsoft is deprecating basic authentication for POP3/IMAP as of October 1, 2022. Moving forward, OAuth2 is a requirement for Microsoft Office 365 users.

Action Required: All customers using Microsoft Office 365 emails for inbound contacts in Alvaria Cloud are required to follow the instructions laid out by Microsoft in this document here, under “use client credentials grant flow to authenticate IMAP and POP connections.” Once this is complete, customers must edit inbound email protocols in Alvaria Cloud so that OAuth2 is enabled with the required information.

WhatsApp Enhancement – URL Links
When an Alvaria Cloud agent or application sends a URL link to a customer in the WhatsApp channel, that customer is now able to click on the URL link within WhatsApp. URL links no longer appear as unclickable text strings within WhatsApp.


For complete information on the September feature updates, view the Alvaria Cloud Platform New Feature Update September 2022.