Alvaria Cloud New Features Being Released in October 2022

Alvaria is committed to providing our customers with industry-leading contact center solutions that help you efficiently run your business while also delivering seamless customer and agent experiences. Review this list of new Alvaria Cloud capabilities available in October 2022.

Please note: this is a living document subject to change. Features may be added or removed prior to official release.

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Alvaria View

Assigned Worktypes Visible in User Profile

The worktypes that are assigned to a user are now visible to users in their user profiles. This allows agents to be aware of the worktypes they are assigned and the potential contacts they may connect to based on those worktype assignments. To stay current, the worktype list will be updated in real-time when worktype assignment changes are made.


Compliance Hub and Compliance API Enhancements to Support More Control and Auditing of Exclusion Delimited File Loads

The Compliance Hub exclusion file load process has been enhanced to provide better support for integrating exclusions loading into customers’ automated exclusions and load processes. REST API endpoints have been added to support loading Bulk Exclusions, ConvenientContactTime and ContactAttempts from a delimited file.

The ability to check the upload status, related statistics and summary of load errors is also available with this new feature.


Input State Analysis (Text) Report Enhancement

The service value selected when setting the parameters for the Input State Analysis (Text) report is now displayed when viewing the report.

This adds on to the user experience making it easier for a user to reference where the data in the report is coming from.

Alvaria Cloud Automated Agent

Google Dialogflow ES Support

Alvaria Cloud Automated Agent now supports a new natural language understanding (NLU) engine: Google Dialogflow. This is in addition to the Microsoft LUIS NLU engine that is already supported.

Google DialogFlow is Google’s natural language understanding (NLU) platform. The Google Dialogflow NLU platform integration allows chatbots and voicebots that are built by Alvaria Cloud Automated Agent to be more conversational and human-like. The built-in integration now makes Google Dialogflow easier to use with Alvaria Cloud Automated Agent than it was before.

This new feature now gives customers more built-in options when it comes to choosing their NLU platform.

Deploying voicebots and chatbots for your business can bring about numerous benefits, such as helping to increase agent efficiency, reducing operating costs, decreasing wait times while increasing customer satisfaction and much more.

For complete information on the October feature updates, view the Alvaria Cloud Platform New Feature Update October 2022.