Alvaria Cloud New Features Being Released in July 2022

Alvaria is committed to providing with industry-leading contact center solutions that help you efficiently run your business while also delivering seamless customer and agent experiences. Review this list of new Alvaria Cloud capabilities coming in July 2022.

Please note: this is a living document subject to change. Features may be added or removed prior to official release.

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Updates to Team Validation and Error Messages for My Account Users
There are now more descriptive error responses for the validation rules that are applied against team association during user create and user updates. This will help better understand errors that may arise when creating/updating a user.

Alvaria View

Expand Compliance Hub Navigation to a Second Panel
The Compliance Hub selection in the navigation area has a submenu that opens in a second panel on the right side. This is a user interface improvement making it easier for a user to navigate to the different compliance hub tools.

Agent Wrap Exceed Time Message Hidden During System Failover
When a system failover occurs, the “Wrap Exceed Time” message will not be displayed to the agent. The message usually indicates that the agent exceeded their time threshold to wrap up a call. Although if the system was in failover, the agent is unable to do anything including wrapping the call. The message is hidden in these instances because it is not relevant.

My Account

Employee ID Field Expansion Supported for WFM 21.1
For customers using WFM 21.1, the Employee ID field can be configured to support 255 characters instead of 10. This helps with the consistency of fields between WFM and My Account. For example, if an employee ID with 85 characters is used in WFM 21.1, then that Employee ID character length would be supported and able to be used in the Employee ID field of My Account as well.


Historical Customer Experience Reports UI Change
This is a UI change where the “Customer Experience Reports” project link will be removed for all US/UK customers. Going forward, Customer Experience Reports will only be accessible via the “Customer Experience Reports DL” project link that is already available. Now that Alvaria has moved toward the Data Lake reports, there is no need for the old Customer Experience Reports link. In general, the new Data Lake Self-Service reporting platform completely eliminates query execution time-outs, and consequently, offers remarkable performance improvement (in some cases, up to 5 times faster execution).

Worktype Summary without DNIS Dataset and Worktype Summary Report – Metric Calculation Improvements
Alvaria made improvements on the accuracy of calculations for the below metrics in the Worktype Summary without DNIS Dataset and the Work Type Summary Report. Now there is a new formula used for these metrics making the numbers more accurate.

  • avgHandledDuration
  • avgHoldDuration
  • avgInteractionSegsDuration
  • avgWrapDuration
  • avgAvgHoldDuration
  • avgAvgInteractionSegsDuration
  • avgAvgWrapDuration


New Expression Function - TEXTJOIN
This new expression function can take data from multiple fields of a collection and concatenate them into a single string.

  • Use Case: a collection stores account_type and account_id in two different fields. The values from those two fields need to be used as part of a URL in an API call. i.e., where account_type = ‘auto’ and account_id = ‘12345’ in a collection. The TEXTJOIN expression function is used to concatenate the values into a string so that they can be used in the URL.

New Argument for LASTRESULT Expression Function
The slotName argument is now supported with the expression function. This allows a slotname value in the argument. Then, validation/interpretation results that are returned with the LASTRESULT expression would be for that slotName value that was used in the argument.

  • Use Case: A caller is prompted to say the make and model of a car. Then later, the caller is routed to a specific queue of agents based on how sure the system is that a certain car make was said. This can be determined by the confidence value that is returned in the LASTRESULT expression. Since the focus is on the make of the car and not model, you can use the make as the value in the slotName argument. Then the confidence result returned by the LASTRESULT function would be for the car make instead of the model.

For complete information on the latest feature updates, view the Alvaria Cloud Platform New Feature Update Release Note.