Alvaria Cloud New Features Being Released in April & May 2023

Alvaria is committed to providing our customers with industry-leading contact center solutions that help you efficiently run your business while also delivering seamless customer and agent experiences. Review this list of new Alvaria Cloud capabilities available as of April and May 2023.

Please note: This is a living document subject to change. Features may be added or removed prior to official release.

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Alvaria Cloud Advanced Outreach

Additional Disposition Plan Definitions for Records with Only One Good Number
All Advanced Outreach customers can utilize additional parameters that have been added to disposition plan definitions, such as Single Number Recall Time, Single Number Recall Count and Single Number Queue Action.

Attempt Tracker API – Inclusion of Blocking Rule ID
Alvaria Compliance Hub customers will see that the Compliance Hub API has been adjusted so that when an attempt is blocked, the data returned by the API will include the Rule ID for the rule that triggered the block. Previously if a site had a dozen different rules governing allowable contacts, if a number was not attempted, the users would have no insight as to specifically why it was not attempted. Now, by knowing the reason a record’s attempt was blocked, managers can better determine how the record itself should be processed.

While Alvaria Advanced Outreach will include this value in the cl_contact_event table, it will not be included in end-of-day and hourly extracts.

Automatic Updates for SMS/Email Work Type Scheduled Assignments
Recent schedule changes within Configuration Manager for assigned SMS or email work types enable them to be automatically updated every time the work type is used or started.

New Quota Restricted Disposition (QR)
All Alvaria Advanced Outreach and Compliance Hub customers can access a new disposition called QR for “quota restricted” instead of the previous disposition of RR when the reason is due to quota being reached.

Alvaria Cloud

Configuration Manager Enhancements
All public cloud contact center customers can utilize a recent change in Configuration Manager increasing the maximum from 30 to 60 work types per user.

Another enhancement to Configuration Manager now allows a template to be applied to a maximum of 100 users whereas it was previously 50 users. This allows managers to assign work types to agents faster and in few steps.

Re-Use Contact Data Definition (CDD) Name for Multiple Channels
The name in the Contact Data Definition field can be the same or re-used for different channels (voice, SMS, or email). This will allow for easier user tracking.

Alvaria Cloud View

New WebRTC Softphone Option
All public cloud contact center customers have the option to purchase WebRTC as a new option for agent audio, which will be integrated with Alvaria Cloud View.

This new option gives customers the ability to access the numerous advantages of WebRTC softphones such as reduced in-house integration and setup, and no provisioning server is required.

Agent SIP Connection
This latest enhancement for all public cloud contact center customers will automatically set agent states to “Not Ready” whenever they have five or more phone fouls or agent disconnects in less than 180 seconds.

Alvaria Cloud Self-Service

Notification via SMS
From a voice self-service conversation, all public cloud contact center customers can now send out a notification via SMS.

This feature could be used for a variety of use cases such as:

  • Sending confirmation codes
  • Sharing links to whitepapers or other material
  • Sending order summaries or other documentation

With a following release we plan to expand the Notification object to email as well.

Microsoft CLU (Conversational Language Understanding) Support
Microsoft is in the process of deprecating its NLU engine, LUIS, with no new resources after 4/1/2023 and it will be fully end-of-life on 10/1/2025. With this mind, Alvaria has added support for the chosen successor called Microsoft CLU (Conversational Language Understanding) for our public cloud contact center customers.

Improvements to the Exclude Object
We’ve made a series of improvements to the Exclude object. These improvements include:

  • Ability to add "SMS" and "Email" to the list of exclusion types in the text channel
  • Ability to make "Phone Number" exclusion type only present in the voice channel
  • Ability to add a new field "Reason" to optionally let the user indicate the reason of the added exclusion
  • Ability to add a Status Result variable (like in Callback) to have feedback about the status of the exclusions handling
  • Ability to only show the fields Exclusion Type, Exclusion Value, and the Results Status if the exclusion action is set to Delete

Rename a BUI Configuration
Previously, in BUI, whenever a new configuration was created for a service, the name of the configuration – in other words, the internal description - was given was not able to be modified after it was created. With this new change, all Alvaria public cloud contact center customers will have the ability to rename this field in the configuration, saving time and reducing update risk.

Sortable Columns Header in Commander
Previously, columns in Commander without a header set, such as billing, status, and warnings could not be sorted. This means customers were unable to create customized views.

With this latest enhancement, the following columns that were previously unable to be sorted will now have the capability to be sorted to create a customized view:

  • Servers View
    • Is Server
    • Status
    • Is Master
    • Errors
    • Locked
  • Services View
    • Status
    • Retain Cache
    • Billing
    • Errors
  • Session Partitioning View
    • Warnings

For complete information on the April & May feature updates, view the Alvaria Cloud Platform New Feature Update April 2023.